Consciousness of Self

What is your consciousness based upon?

This may sound like an odd question yet the substance of one’s consciousness defines the very nature and underlying motivations of a person.

There is a consciousness of delusion which is based upon the will of man.  If man thinks consciousness is a byproduct of will then they are saying that only the 5 senses associated with the mind is all there is in the world.  This also demonstrates a disconnect from the feminine body and The Spirit within the body.

True consciousness is more of a partnership with The Spirit of God within your body.  This partnership is by God’s force not the will of man.  This is important because if the will of man is part of your consciousness then you are in the delusion stated above.  As one comes to true consciousness it will feel like your senses have been magnified to comprehend things that were hidden in plain site.  The pitfalls we would have fallen into in the past are now visible and can be avoided.  Miracles begin to pop up in your life to the extent that you actually expect them.  You will experience a true sense of being in your body in the moment.  Your friends will change and those that are not of truth will fall out of favor towards you.  Things will never be the same and yet will be so much sweeter.  This is a union that bridges your visible reality with the infinite wisdom of your true self.

Those that believe the will is consciousness will find life is hard work and every morsel they think they will enjoy will have an unsatisfying savor.  This is a vicious cycle that will continue until it is broken.  Are you aware of this cycle but can’t stop it?  Well that is why we have this website.

Contemporary Biblical, religious and spiritual methods are not working to better anyone.  They are not able to fix their dysfunction reading books upon books that gives you no solution.  Or meditating your life away that patches you for a small amount of time.  The true consciousness and joy within is always past your fingertips.  This website brings everything into an 8 where we are grounded and experience real monumental changes within ourselves and our environment.  This ties the inner world with the outer world experience.  This is what true Consciousness of Self represents.

The drop down topics under “Consciousness of Self” make reference to The Young’s Literal Translation of The Bible.  The Spiritual understanding of the Bible is the basis of all the information if not explicitly referenced we can furnish any reference upon request.  Keep in mind we are not taking one singular obscure shade of a meaning to make the basis of the topic at hand.

We touch upon the why and the how things work.

What good is what if you don’t know why.

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