Stages of Development

What happens in the various stages of development of a child?

Why are things happening in our lives that we can’t control?

Why are we reliving the same vicious cycle over and over again?

From inside the womb to 7 years of age there are definable stages of development.  These stages represent segments of growth for the individual.  During these stages the individual has needs for proper development.  If these are not met properly by our parents/guardians then a character defense will form.  The character defense is a way that the individual unknowingly compensates and attempts to neutralize the threat thereby creating a character defense that is not the person.  However this character defense blocks the flow of energy from the outside world to the core of the person.

An example would be temporarily smiling to be cordial to someone you can’t stand.  Your character defense in a sense is a lie so you can manage the threat involved which in this case is someone you do not like and find it necessary to avoid confrontation.  This is something an adult can endeavor to do at will.  When you are a child forming in the developmental stages particular threats creates a block and now for the rest of the life of the individual in a sense you have to have a fake smile or lie continuously because you would never perceive that threat has left you.  The individual child from now on can be frozen and then every relationship and interaction with other people will be in light of being frozen.  The Spirit inside the person knows that lie is there and brings the recurring problem before the them to solve which they can’t.

If these blocks or character defenses are not reconciled and dealt with at their core then the individual finds themselves reliving the problem over and over again yielding the same results.  No different then a leaking pipe in the ceiling that leaks until the ceiling falls down you clean up the mess repair the ceiling and again the cycle continues because you never had repaired the core problem which is the leaking pipe.

WE bring someone to the core of the problem.  Once we eradicate the core problem then we can focus on repairing the damage through consciousness and thereby cleaning up the mess.  If you look at an onion you only see the first layer.  The individual is similar to an onion.  These layers are supported one atop another all the way to the foundation.  We can be observing the outer layer however that might not be the core issue.  A building from the foundation upward where each row of blocks support the blocks above.

The various stages of development and examples are included in the sub menus of this website.  Many aspects of what is to be expected is within these stages is represented.  All the examples are true life experiences witnessed and documented for your journey into healing.

Developmental stages:

Bonding Stage: before birth to 6 months (transition from Spirit world to humanity)

Mirroring Stage: 6 months to 1 1/2 years (sense of self through mother)

Anal Stage 1 1/2 years to 3 years (forming of boundaries and identity)

Pre Genital Stage: 3 years to 5 years (connection to creativity)

Genital Stage: 5 years to 7 years (development of sexuality)

The pregenital and genital stages of development can only be rectified though the conscious workings of an opposite sex practitioner.  A same sex practitioner will be ineffective and cause greater long term damage.