In this fast passed world there are moments that are captured in time that we never forget.  We reflect upon them in our moments of joy or sadness.

Our endeavor is to find those moments in the world and capture them so someone can enjoy that moment the shutter had blinked…

Coming soon is our large format photography using 8X10 camera to capture beautiful landscape enlarge to poster size for one’s home.

Our photographs are limited to 8.  Once we have made the 8th photograph of any particular size we will no longer make any more.  We are going to be making the photographs in only a few sizes.  Click on the photographs below to view larger.

***NOTE***  Scanned photographs on this website do not reflect the final fit and finish of the final product.  Therefore expect the photographs to come alive when viewed enlarged.

What we believe is that film has substance.  Therefore we use only film.  These photographs are as they were taken a moment in time preserved on film.


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