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NPR Studio 360 Book review

Would not normally be listening to this sort of radio program about James Hannaham’s book “God Says No” on NPR’s Studio 360.  However when you read you will see how this turned out.  The story is about a black gay person who was brought up in a religious family the No is to homosexuality.  The author is a homosexual which is not the issue at all but necessary to better understand what his book was about. So is this my way of making a point about homosexuality?  No.  You might think that is where my words were leading you but that isn’t the case.  The part of the radio program that left my mouth agape was the last thing he said.  Read carefully his closing thoughts and you will see how man’s will always fumbles.  Hannaham was just discussing growing up as a homosexual in the United States and how society would treat them.


“One of the things that I think is saving grace is that the tradition is one of acceptance and of non violence I mean there are many places in the world where you know its okay in society to like abuse and and kill gay people. Thank God we live in a country where thank God maybe not thank something thank the law or something that we live in a country where that is not acceptable”

End quote.

This is a man who of his own will writes a book about how God says no to homosexuality and Hannaham says yes.  Notice the words “saving grace” and then finally “thank God”.  He does not believe in God yet God opened his mouth and had this person give glory to God Almighty. Hannaham attempted to give the glory to “the law” which was too late.  The will of man hates God yet GOD makes the man look like a fool as he fumbles his words.  To give glory to the law instead of God is exactly what man’s cursed relationship is with God.  They don’t believe that God can anoint one to be innocent in the face of the law of condemnation.  Man wants to have dominion over God therefore man gives glory to the law.  The man was speaking freely and yet between his guarded words God slips in the truth!


Author James Hannaham Says Yes

Studio 360 July 31, 2009

Please keep in mind that we are not discussing the issue of homosexuality rather how people give glory to the law instead of God

John 12:43 “43 for they loved the glory of men more than the glory of God.”

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