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Father’s are not giving their daughters away

Mother’s are not giving their sons away

This now creates a situation where women are getting married to men that would allow them to reproduce the WILL of their FATHER instead of their Husband.  The first place this is evident is in the taking of the last name.  A woman is to take the man’s last name since that name identifies who gets the glory in the relationship!  The glory is to be unto the Husband and not the Father.  Then they have a child and the fighting begins because energetically the man sees this baby that is energetically not his.  This baby is an abomination unto the father and this is why you have so many single mothers.  By reproducing the will of her Father the man sees her as an adulteress energetically.  CLEARLY the man is not consciousness of this.  The child is now the glory of the woman’s father instead of the husband.  Keep in mind the man is not innocent he was allowing her to do this by saying things like “you can keep your last name” signing his own divorce.

SIMILARLY in the bible if man says he knows God by his own will it’s like having God’s last name and your last name.  There can’t be two wills in the family of God as to there can’t be two wills in the bond of a husband and wife.  A husband and wife can reproduce love a man and a woman that wants to keep the name of her father will reproduce an abomination!

Similarly the man does not say NO to the woman in regards to the last name.  Maybe using some sort of logic instead of saying YOU ARE NOW REPRODUCING MY WILL.  This is because of their mother who did not teach the son to be a man!

The children now are lost with no sense of self they are not sure if they are a boy or girl regardless of their biological parts…

Adam and Eve…  Eve by eating of the fruit and handing to Adam thereby sacrificed Adam to the devil.  Adam instead of trusting God allowed her to do this and therefore he is no longer the KING of God’s creation!

The feminist does not reproduce she thinks in her corrupted mind that she can just order up sperm and reproduce and doesn’t need the man.  Well feminist keep in mind that the woman learns to be a woman from the FATHER and not the mother.  The mother will only make the problem more evident.  You can see Sweden where this has gone to epic proportions with the highest rape and the largest number of people going to Thailand every year…

What does that son do?

He now had a mother that didn’t reproduce his father’s will but that of his grandfather’s will.  So now this son will look to marry a woman that won’t reproduce his will and thereby perpetuate the problem.

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