Who is yelling at who?

Act One:  How we met:

Met a woman from a dating site lets call her Kelly and we went on a date but soon after she tells me she is not interested in me as a friend which was fine with me since she was fun to be around a loaded pistol at times.  We have diner one night and then met on a Friday night at a Long Island bar with a dance floor.  Out of the corner of my eye noticed built bald man (lets call him Kojak) waving at Kelly felt he was going to be a problem later.

Twenty minutes pass sure enough Kojak comes over and pretends to know my friend Kelly and Susan.  Kelly introduces me to him but he didn’t look at my face flat out ignoring me.  Kelly being a sharp woman ignored him and he walked away…  For now that is…

 Act Two:  The beginning of the problem:

A little later Kojak comes back and is chatting to Kelly’s friend Susan who had an ongoing relationship with a man who was also there named Tony.

Tony and Susan were in the midst of fighting because Tony hasn’t made a decision to go further in the relationship with Susan and the relationship was just floating in limbo.  So Kojak whisks Susan away and they go to the dance floor.

Tony and Kelly are talking about what has been happening regarding Susan.  Tony is a polite man in his 50’s.  Kojak comes back and Tony is jealous and mad and Kelly is furious.

 Act Three:  And in this corner we have…

We remember Kelly is a loaded pistol and now after hearing about Tony and seeing how Susan was dancing with Kojak her fury comes forth…

Yes you guessed right Kelly is yelling at Kojak…  Kojak is arguing with an angry woman.  Better to sit in the hottest part of hell than to be arguing with a furious woman.  Kojak is in the face of a woman provoking her and us with his words.  He wants to fight. He knows that if he touches her physically he will fail since all the eyes are attentively watching.  Tony doesn’t do anything while watching Kojak continue to be in this vocal confrontation.  Kelly keeps arguing with Kojak relentless like three lawyers fighting over the last scrap of meet upon a bone.  Kojak begins to have an epiphany he realizes he can’t leave this confrontation and tries harder to provoke me and Tony into fighting with him.  Tony makes the mistake to say something and touch the shoulder of Kojak now Kojak gets in his face.  Tony soon leaves not wanting to get into a brawl.  There only me silent while Kojak and Kelly are fighting away.   Almost two more minutes pass the insults still flying between them.  Kojak is fully aware he is arguing with a woman and there is no escape his provocations didn’t work and now in a helpless yet loud situation.  His ego won’t allow him to back out of this that is why he tried to fight with us because better to fight than to let Kelly win the argument.

Act Four:  WHAT!

 The moment is ready for my attack.  Look at Kojak dead in the eye and say “What is your name?” while holding out my hand, he immediately has a look of relief upon his face when he uttered Kojak.  His anger melted away his voice softened and the next 30 seconds were totally bazar.  Kojak had the same name as Kelly’s boyfriend!  Kojak was a marine that was stationed in Afghanistan and continues telling us how his friends had died and were mangled in various explosions and confrontations.  Upon coming home his girlfriend had introduced him to her new boy friend.  He was in total rage that has been suppressed by society and our politically correct “how are you good good i’m good too” society.

 Kelly’s boyfriend was dating a girlfriend that died.  He made a shrine in his bedroom dedicated to his ex girlfriend.  Kelly can’t tell him to toss out the shrine so her mouth is always suppressed building pressure.  Kelly’s boyfriend’s shrine to the ex girlfriend is energetically similar to him having another woman while dating Kelly.  Kelly can’t express herself and creates a hiding place where she can’t be vulnerable.

Act Five:  The moral of the story…

We have two people that were seemingly yelling at each other but in truth they were yelling at different people.  Kojak was yelling at his ex who left him after he came back from Afghanistan he had so much he wanted to share with her about his life in Afghanistan and couldn’t…  So now in 30 seconds he shared that with us because of a woman that provoked him energetically similar to his ex.

Kelly was yelling at her boyfriend Kojak who she could never yell at because of the dead girlfriend.

See how the energy attracted each other to provoke one another to yell at each other but really yell at two different people?  They attracted each other in a crowded room.

After this all happened Kelly and Kojak were hugging…  Go figure…


Kelly and “her Kojak” are doing well.  The shrine has been dismantled!

Almost forgot this:

While Kojak was collecting himself after that 30 seconds he would go on and on to me about his friend that is a psychologist and how his friend helped him (as we can clearly see).  He even brought him over to meet me.  Shall we call him Dr. Kevorkian.? Yes we should consider his credentials for future reference…

Remember Kojak in the beginning of this story ignored me and now he is introducing me to a psychologist who reminds me of Dr. Kevorkian.  You can’t make this stuff up!

Next time you see two people yelling consider that what you are seeing might not be the reality of what is happening.  Are they yelling at each other?  Maybe one is yelling at her father and the other is yelling at a friend from long ago.  The Spirit moves you to release the suppressed emotions if you don’t release when you should in the moment then this will build up and release in an inappropriate time.

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Malachi 3:1 “1 Lo, I am sending My messenger, And he hath prepared a way before Me, And suddenly come in unto his temple Doth the Lord whom ye are seeking, Even the messenger of the covenant, Whom ye are desiring, Lo, he is coming, said Jehovah of Hosts.”

Genesis 4:9, 10 “9 And Jehovah saith unto Cain, ‘Where is Abel thy brother?’ and he saith, ‘I have not known; my brother’s keeper–I?’ 10 And He saith, ‘What hast thou done? the voice of thy brother’s blood is crying unto Me from the ground;”

Proverbs 8:1 “1 Doth not wisdom call? And understanding give forth her voice?”