Latest Additions

12/18/15 11:30 AM added a YouTube video about Eye of The Needle.

7/6/15 12:28 PM Just added to the end of Eye is I.

6/1/15 10:00 AM Just began Eye is I which describes the Hidden Wisdom of God using “eye” to really mean “I”.  Had added this to Wikipedia however their editors were Pharisees and would not entertain the postings.

5/12/15 2:12 PM just added Name of God which describes how people identify with their own names and how God is identified by name.

4/27/14 5:30 PM Just added a YouTube video about “Truth of Everything” to the inflated EGO website

2/19/14 6:00 PM Just added Conversation With a Feminist which is a conversation on a YouTube video comments section with a feminist and a woman.

1/6/14 12:03 PM Just added “Chasing The Lie” a story and an understanding of exposing a psychopath in the middle of their lies and how they might react.

12/27/13 10:00 AM Added “Why Sam Harris Should Not Interpret The Bible” which exposes erroneous interpretations of The Bible used by various atheists and other religious persons to promote their agenda.  This exposes why they do it and what is their spiritual significance

12/19/13 9:00 AM Expanded “Blood/Money” to “Pregenital Stage”

12/18/13 9:29 AM Added “Acting”, expanded more on “Suicide” and expanded on “Visually Understanding The Energy of The Pregenital Defense” to “Pregenital Stage”

12/16/13 8:41 AM Added “Suicide” to “Pregenital Stage”

12/14/13 11:59 PM Added substance to “Can The Psychopath/Rigid Be Healed”

12/14/13 4:12 PM Added “Lying/Diverting Responsibility to the “Pregenital Stage”

12/13/13 9:49 Working on “Can The Psychopath/Rigid Be Healed” which is looking at various individuals found in The Bible and those that were healed and the ones that weren’t.  What are the common threads of their behaviors?  How were they healed? This will be added on 12/14/13 The Lord Willing.

12/10/13 11:17 PM Expanded the distorted “Love” and “Wisdom” that is manifested in the life of the Inflated EGO. “Pregenital Stage”

No release date yet for “Oh Dear Where Did My Head Go?”.  This delves into the disconnect between the head and the spiritual body of a human and how that is manifested in their life.

3/18/13 5:22 PM Added a drawing representation of the Jewish/Christian/Muslim religions manifestation in various parts of the body “Why Israel Has No Peace”.

3/12/13 12:09 PM Added Spiritual Drawings “Spiritual Drawings”

2/26/13  2:53 PM Added a lot from “H” on to “Why Israel Has No Peace”.

1/31/13 11:27 PM added information about “Tattoos” to the “Pregenital Stage”

1/29/13 3:28 PM added image of pregenital energy, added image of a pregenital energy character defense with an anal energy character defense and added one video link expressing a visual manifestation of the pregenital and anal character defenses in action “Pregenital Stage”

1/23/13 1:00 PM added more information to “Pregenital Stage”

1/20/13 3:57 PM added “Pregenital Stage” Information on the ages of development from 3-5 years of age.

1/20/13 11:00 AM added “Stages of Development” How from before birth to 7 years of age impacts one’s life.

12/17/12  9:32 AM updated “Do You See what UC Means?”

December 12 (12/12/12) added “Do You See what UC means?” Delves into the Spiritual and Symbolic changes made to the logos of The University of California.

October 17th going to expand “Why Israel Has No Peace”.

September 29th “Why Israel Has No Peace”  Brings a shocking parallel between the very small and the very large.  How the world theater of events reflect the disconnect within the person as they attempt to worship God in their distortion.

September 29th “My Sexy Big TOE (Theory of Everything)” Goes head to head against the scientist’s desire to describe the universe with their formulas.  God does not give His glory to someone who has a pocket protector in one hand and a calculator in the other hand.  The Theory of Everything is a revelation of God.

September 29th “Man Can DO Nothing To Get Into The Kingdom of God” Where man’s desire to please God by man’s will or man’s mind is worthless.