Spiritual Drawings

Spiritual Drawings & Developmental Stages

In January of 2012 a chain of events led me to ask women to draw pictures for me.  This was a continuation and expansion of the pregenital stage trauma study.  Would advise you to read that study so this can make more sense since we are going to present information based on that pregenital stage.

What if the creativity that has been abandoned was never resolved in the child? 

What if whatever age we are today this needs to be reconciled for proper healing and growth?

Those two questions have not been asked, understood or solved in the field of psychology or psychotherapy until now.  The abandonment of creativity also shuts The Spiritual doorway to God.  When our opposite sex parent does not meet this need the doorway to God and creativity is buried by and replaced by an inflated ego driven by WILL.  Going to the mind or to the law instead of The Spirit for Truth.  Now you know where lawyers come from…

Therefore if we were to tap into this creativity we would have some sort of incredible and undeniable Spiritual manifestation before our eyes based on our assertion that this has everything to do with a connection to God and Spirit.

Please note that Carl Gustav Jung has done work with pictures however we have not studied any of his work or have employed any of his methods.  We include this information regarding Jung so that there is a clear difference in the respective understandings.  We did however read a broad overview about Jung and feel what we are presenting here is totally new information.

What happened when women drew a picture for me?

The drawings would reveal something very important in their life.  There are drawings that even had significant or pivotal moments of the present, the past and even the future.  These drawings are a bridge between the neglected spiritual body and the head through the heart.  That is why creativity is so very important in the pregenital development.  Not the creativity itself but the acceptance of that creativity of the opposite sex parent.

In one instance there was a couple and had the wife draw first and her drawing had her reveal her block in life and now she can start to heal from that very night.  Then we had her husband draw however he had to direct the drawing to his wife.  As we were talking a memory had come to his mind.  This memory was one that was when he had “created” (his word take note) something and was anxious for his Father to see.  Somehow what he created was destroyed by heat and also leaked upon a radiator.  His Father came home and blasted him.  In that one moment the creativity was sealed within the body never to be revealed again until one night he drew for me.  We are talking about something suppressed for over 40 years that came up in less than an hour interaction with both of them.  Turned to the wife immediately and asked her if she knew about this.  She said YES he told her about the story.  That is how unobserved this goes the man who needed help told his wife the story however she was not present in the moment to understand the significance of that memory.  If she had understood the ramifications of that story she would have been part of the healing process.  Instead of healing the damage was just unobserved until the moment we spoke.  Now the wife knows what to do with him to heal this.  Oddly enough he would not even know he is healing in the moment because of his disconnect.  This is only a small sample of how these drawings can heal…