Conversation With A Feminist


Below is a string of comments copied from the comments section of a YouTube video about women not being happy with the feminist movement.  Going to have a study on “Why Feminism Fails” in a few days.  Until then you can see some of the subject material in this exchange with Max Werner and later a woman named Namilia LOTI also commenting.  Not going to comment on this exchange since this speaks volumes all by itself…

***NOTE *** Kept all the grammatical errors the same with the exception of a very vulgar comment that was deleted also didn’t include the + or – ratings on the video however you can see them for yourself on YouTube.

You can click on the YouTube video link here to see the video:  What Women Want

My first comment on the video posted on January 5, 2014:

Michael Idarecis  Jan 5, 2014 woman can never become a man.  They will be miserable…  That is the truth…


Max Werner Jan 30, 2014 Its not about becoming a man, its about becoming who you want to be (not having to be womanly) I hate it when people say feminists wants to be men. no they want to be themselves.


Michael Idarecis Jan 31, 2014 +Max Werner How can a woman “become who you want to be” when she is still a woman?  Why do you hate the truth?  For a woman to want to be a feminist she is sacrificing her body to go to her head.  That is why the children of feminists are feminist women or men that have no power in their genitals.  The feminist actually kills their son’s testosterone.  They become weakly looking men.  The feminist kills the man!  That is her ultimate goal so if you are a man then don’t worry some feminist will kill you too…

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 “How can a woman “become who you want to be” when she is still a woman?”

It’s about the genderroles. They form us into what and who we are. if you are a man you have completely different expectations than a woman. It’s not only biology and DNA that makes women more caring and calm than men. its because we raise them to be.

And this is proved by the fact that feminists who raise their children to become what gender they want to be themselves don’t act like men or women just because they have a penis or vagina.DNA doesn’t dictate how you act as much as the social and cultural structures.


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 If you look down you can see if you are a man or a woman.  The inflated ego or disconnected person from their Spirit thinks they can choose their sexuality.  However when you look down God had provided a big hint as to what sex you are.  If you need to look at DNA to know what sex you are there are bigger issues you need to deal with than posting on YouTube.

Feminism is actually the biggest con upon women that exists.  Even this video should encourage women to say “hey wait a second this doesn’t make sense why aren’t the women happy”.  Most feminists have the worst relationships because they are the enablers from HELL.  Enablers give WILL instead of HEART so then they get into an abusive relationship one after another and then blame the men.  That is pathetic it is just easier to see the woman hooked up with the wrong guy but because she is not giving the HEART she is a bigger liar.  She lies inside herself.  Feminism is the fuel of psychopathy.  A feminist is a headless psychopath…  Feminists usually dumb down when they choose a man.  This way the man will never have enough power over the woman.  GOD has an answer to those feminists because the man figures it out he can’t fill her cup and gives her CRUELTY instead.  Or he is impotent and she dumps him for woman LOL…If you like my website discusses these issues in greater depth

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 You didn’t understand what i meant. What i meant about the DNA-gender thing was that the difference between the genders are not just based on DNA but instead cultural and social expectations on the gender. For example that a woman is expected and raised to be caring and loving and a man should be dominant and strong. That is because of our societys expectations on a man to act like that. Not because of DNA.

Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 My mistake about the DNA.  There is a greater understanding to why feminism is doomed.  For starters God says Let us make man in our image man and woman is the head and the body.  If you understand that parallel and see how things correspond you will find that the woman is a torso wanting to be a head.  This is all over my website.  This same torso wanting to be a head parallels how people try to worship God by their will.  Impossible.  This parallel is in everything and without any way to deny this exists.  This is all over The Bible.  That is why the bible speaks of the SONS of God because when God is your head then you become a SON.  You can be a woman or a man and be a son.  The feminists always complain about men’s names in The Bible yet if you embrace what was said above you see how foolish the wisdom of the feminist is.  Also note that they also have the goddess movement…  Hysterical and that movement is based on corrupted interpretation of The Bible.  They are doomed.  However if the woman chooses to be a man then she sacrifices so much it is crazy.  They won’t be happy.  A feminist is never truly happy and in the wake of her life she kills.  If every woman was born and bred to be a feminist in less then 4 generations there will be rare for the human race to continue.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 +Max Werner  Also if a man needs to beat on his chest ad beat up gay people to prove he is a man is also an imagination.  That is just as stupid as feminism…

You can’t fix one distortion with one that is worse.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 I’m sorry but i don’t believe in god nor the bible so i don’t agree with anything you just wrote.

But the thing you wrote about a man having to prove he is a man is actually true. Maybe not in the way that you described but i feel as if i have to prove alot of women and other men how strong and tough i am because it is valuable for a man to be dominant and tough in our society. That however, is stupid. (that i have to prove to be tough and dominant just because i have a penis)


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 Of course you don’t believe in The Bible and God because that is the real MAN that God forms.  That is why you embrace FEMINISM.  Makes perfect sense to me.

You don’t have to prove it to them.  My strength is within and if have to prove it someone then it would be the same as me taking a club and beating them over the head.  Won’t make a difference to prove to someone that is blind.Check out my website especially the study about “Pregenital Stage”.  That is where the disconnect is formed where women attempt to prove they are women or men try to prove they are men.  It is all based on a disconnect from their sexuality.  Then the imagination of the mind needs proof that the person is indeed a man or a woman.A parallel is that people that are disconnected from their torso still need to have a sense they are breathing and ya know what?  Smoking is proof someone is breathing in a distorted way LOL.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 “Of course you don’t believe in The Bible and God because that is the real MAN that God forms.”

could you explain this a little more thoroughly? this is very interesting.


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 +Max Werner   Hey Max look at this another way.  The garden of eden man and woman took of the fruit of the knowledge of Good and Evil  This was done by their WILL.  They CHOOSE to be God by their WILL.  In doing that then they are a woman attempting to be like a MAN.  Eve was the first Feminist.  She got her NAME just after they ate the fruit.  Then they were kicked out of the garden.

This part of The Bible defines “The Mind of Christ”:

1 Corinthians 2:12-16 “12 And we the spirit of the world did not receive, but the Spirit that is of God, that we may know the things conferred by God on us, 13 which things also we speak, not in words taught by human wisdom, but in those taught by the Holy Spirit, with spiritual things spiritual things comparing, 14 and the natural man doth not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for to him they are foolishness, and he is not able to know them, because spiritually they are discerned; 15 and he who is spiritual, doth discern indeed all things, and he himself is by no one discerned; 16 for who did know the mind of the Lord that he shall instruct Him? and we–we have the mind of Christ.”

It is when The Spirit of God rises to the consciousness of our minds that we become the SON of God.Feminism parallels as an attempt to have the mind of Christ without God being the Masculine.  The feminist replaces the masculine with themselves.  That is why they are distorted.When you have the Mind of Christ you treat the woman with tremendous respect.  Men that treat women bad are in rebellion.  They are supposed to treat the woman as if she has The Spirit within her and she sacrificed her Head so the Spirit can flourish within her.  This is what gives the man the greatest excitement when the woman is like this.  She in turn is treated in such a way that she has no need to fight him.  That is why the woman takes the last name of a man she is the body and the man is the head.  Just as a man gives up his name for God.  That is why you read that Abram’s name was changed to Abraham.  The name was changed because now his head is of God.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 that’s retarded


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 +Max Werner  Can only give you the information it is God that will force you to believe it.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 Well according to my God, the hairyvaginalord, men and women are equal and should be able to form their lives the way they want without being looked down upon.

I know this sounds crazy to you, but it says so in my holy book, The bible-unshaved-edition.

I can only give you the information it is God that will force you to believe it.

Praise the vagina I AM,

Max Werner


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 Who said anything about women being looked down upon?

Interesting that you made connection to the feminine part of the body as the lord…How can you not see your very statement totally proves everything you read from me?

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 Our society


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 Again one distortion can’t be repaired by a greater distortion (feminism)

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 1, 2014 That’s one conservative opinion.


Michael Idarecis Feb 1, 2014 It isn’t conservative because what we have had as the rule was wrong…

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Trent M Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner Saying that doesn’t make it true. The nature – nurture debate is far from concluded and if anything, we have a pretty good body of evidence that suggests, we are a product of both. Discounting the nature part of human behavioural trends is also folly.


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 i’m not discounting nature, i just don’t want to limit people to their “natural” expectations.


Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner It is not “natural expectations” but rather “natural LIMITATIONS”.  No matter how many operations a woman has she will never be a man.  NO matter how much testosterone she is injected with she will still be a woman!  The notion that a woman can be a man is ludicrous.  That is the essence of Fascism…

Also God did have something to say about that in the verses below God says “natural use into that against nature”  So you see a woman is supposed to be a woman and a man is supposed to be a man.  These are natural limitations.  If you read on you see that because they did not have “God in knowledge, God gave them up to a DISAPPROVED MIND”.  This feminism business is proof of a disapproved mind.  LOL

Romans 1:26-28 “26 Because of this did God give them up to dishonourable affections, for even their females did change the natural use into that against nature; 27 and in like manner also the males having left the natural use of the female, did burn in their longing toward one another; males with males working shame, and the recompense of their error that was fit, in themselves receiving. 28 And, according as they did not approve of having God in knowledge, God gave them up to a disapproved mind, to do the things not seemly;”

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 It’s not about becoming a man as in having a penis and big muscles, its about becoming who you want to be as a person (in this case female) and not be looked down upon because the expectations on women are that they should not be like men.

When in reality they just act like they want to while we sit and judge them for trying to become men, which is not true.


Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner Women should not be like men!  Would definitely look down upon a woman that wanted to be like a man.  BE A WOMAN IF YOU ARE A WOMAN!

Do you expect a man to have a baby? NO IS THE ONLY ANSWER!

Do you expect a woman to have a baby? YES IS THE ONLY ANSWER!

Can you answer any of those two questions in any other manner?  If you can please demonstrate…Those verses above in Romans talks about how foolish these dumb feminists are.  They are dumb because at the end of the day they are still women.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 Why should a women be bound to a particular lifestyle just because you want her to? THAT’S facism you idiot.

What i mean by women being themselves and acting like the male stereotype, and you judging it, is something completely different to natural physical differences, Like giving birth. Thats something you can’t change but your personality and way of life, you can. and you should not look down upon them for doing it.

Do you think your great Jesus wanted people to look down upon women who were themselves?


Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner Can you please tell me why it is fascism to embrace the fact that the child is born out of a woman?


Revelation 2:20-23 “20 ‘But I have against thee a few things: That thou dost suffer the woman Jezebel, who is calling herself a prophetess, to teach, and to lead astray, my servants to commit whoredom, and idol-sacrifices to eat; 21 and I did give to her a time that she might reform from her whoredom, and she did not reform; 22 lo, I will cast her into a couch, and those committing adultery with her into great tribulation–if they may not repent of their works, 23 and her children I will kill in death, and know shall all the assemblies that I am he who is searching reins and hearts; and I will give to you–to each–according to your works.”

Note how this particular part of the verse is so telling: “I am he who is searching reins and hearts; and I will give to you–to each–according to your works.”Notice how it says searching reins.  God is searching to see WHO IS IN CHARGE.  Clearly if the feminist is in charge God has charged He will KILL HER CHILDREN…

Therefore Jesus hates the FEMINIST with perfect hatred…  LOL…  You see you want to justify the woman being a man.  The granddaughter of Mussolini is a card carrying feminist even changed the last names of her children to Mussolini.  Mind you she is still married to the father of her children.Feminism KILLS!

The Bible has Jezebel married to Ahab and let me tell ya that is a match made in hell.  Above Jezebel wanted to rule just like the woman wants to rule.  That is the same spirit of FEMINISM.So do tell if you still THINK that Jesus embraces FEMINISM LOLOL……  Love when people think they know Jesus and all they know is what they contrive in the wickedness of their impotent minds…  Or you can say the wickedness of their reproved minds.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 I didn’t say jesus embraces feminism!?!??! i simply asked what he would think about you judging a woman for doing what she wants to do with her life.

And that’s facism, saying that your way to live life is the right, correct way while women all over the world suffer just so you and your stupid book and your fucking made up Jesus who sounds like a fucked up ill man who hates women can be happy.

You are retarded Michael seriously your religion has completely slaughtered your opinion. EVERY ANSWER YOU HAVE IS IN YOUR BOOK DATING FROM THOUSANDS O YEARS AGO THAT WAS MADE UP BY A BUNCH OF DRUNK MEN.

Stupid, conservative people like you are what hinders this world from equality and peace between the genders. Because you simply think a women shouldn’t be able to do what she wants with her life. Nor do you think a man should do what he wants with his life. And it wouldn’t actually surprise me if you are against homosexuality aswell.

Fuck you, and if you share jesus’ opinion, then fuck him too.Peace

Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner +Max Werner   Of course you did say that about Jesus embracing feminism.  That is the line of thinking you are following.  IF A = B and B = C then A = C it is fundamental logic…

The first thing the feminist wants to do is be able to control ABORTION.  This is a parallel of how a man wants to be in control in relation to God.  Well GOD SAYS NO to your thinking.  That is why God hates the feminist because the feminist parallels the man that aborts the spirit within the man.  That is why Cain Killed Abel and that is why Jesus said the blood you spilled YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR.  That blood you are responsible for is going to be a testament against you.  You are professing you are the DAUGHTER of Jezebel!  You are the Children of Jezebel that Jesus will DESTROY!

That is why you are cursing me!

That is why you are cursing The Bible!

That is why you are cursing Jesus!That is why you are cursing GOD!

Who said a woman would suffer in the world The Bible dictates by The Spirit?

That is another lie…You are responsible for murdering your own Spirit and just as the feminist’s children will be destroyed by Jesus so shall you be destroyed.  You have no idea what you are really saying however know exactly what you are saying.  That is why in the end you cursed.  You are guilty.




Finally the male and female relationships have been distorted throughout time because they are alienated from The Spiritual Truth of God.  That is not God’s fault because you can’t understand His Word.Feminism and feminists do curse GOD and you fulfilled that.  They curse God because they want to reproduce their lie.  That is why Homosexuality and Feminism are equals.  Both attempt to reproduce without God.  Both are impotent and both can not sustain life.

Why do homosexual couples attempt to recreate the same male/female hierarchy?  Why because they are trying to recreate by their WILL something that is natural for a man and a woman.  That is the distortion and this is the same distortion that a feminist has.

The men born of feminists are mostly impotent again GOD demonstrating that they won’t be able to reproduce.

The women born of feminists are two fold feminists.  They lack heart and become worse and at best the enablers from hell.  NOTE they get into abusive relationships because of enabling instead of true giving of heart.

A feminist woman does not know how to LOVE!

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 hahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahyou are the biggest joke in the history on humanity, except for jesus of course.

You are not one to say who has the ability to love or not, and quite frankly it’s up to the persons themselves to decide who or if they want to love.

Homosexuality isn’t a choice, feminism isn’t something your born with and STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE isn’t either so there’s still hope for you to change and become a healthy and good person because right now you are just the biggest asshole ever aswell as the fact that your life is based on a book. you are pathetic and will rot in the hairyvaginalords helldungeon through all of eternity.

Fuck your religion i Will
Max Werner


Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner Listen Maxine…  You have demonstrated that you are the poster child for feminism and funny the video that you are answering to agrees with me.

THE FEMINISTS are not happier.  Women aren’t finding happiness in feminism that means that something is wrong…  They are missing something regardless of their actions to be a feminist.  FAIL!

SO you are Maxine the Miserable Feminist.

You can’t deny the truth.  You can’t fight the truth.  You will only fail and demonstrate the Truth Had dominion over your distortions.

Feminists also have a part of a goddess movement.  what a mess that is..

Since you represent gender equality maybe you can tell me how you justify your cursing?

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 4, 2014 Feminists aren’t happier by being feminists because the world just doesn’t change, we still live in a patriarchy and that makes feminists like me pissed off.Justify my cursing? WHAT CURSING? I don’t believe in your God and therefore it’s not cursing to me. You however are cursing to my God, hairyvaginalord by being a disgusting misogynistic jerk.


Michael Idarecis Feb 4, 2014 +Max Werner  The bottom line is that when a woman sacrifices her femininity to ATTEMPT to be a man she is just a half breed.  That is an abomination…  That is why feminist men are mostly impotent and feminine women breed impotent men or angry feminist women.  That is why God won’t let them reproduce because the next generation of feminists has an even harder time to reproduce.

This is the fate of the feminist in the life of Madeline O’Hair.  Look her up she is the one that challenged the reading of The Bible on the Apollo 8 Mission.  She also started the atheist movement and was responsible for prayers to be taken out of school.  She is a hard core feminist and she had a hip replacement because that part of her body was dead.  She was also murdered and dismembered and the craziest part of that story is that she disowned her one son who became priest (who is still alive) and her other son that was with her was also murdered.  They only figured out who she was from the serial number on her replacement hip.  That is an example of God’s righteous judgment upon her for having the same cursing tongue you have.

Just because this world has a distorted male not being the man doesn’t mean that God is to blame.  God’s righteousness makes the finest men and women.  The feminist motto at best is justifying murder in abortion and death of the masculine.  That is why the feminist woman will always marry the PSYCHOPATH.  God is brilliant because they are enablers they will have psychopath.  If you are a woman get ready to meet your psychopath man of your dreams.  He will be your doormat until he figures out you used him then he will give you cruelty because you don’t know how to love.

NO FEMINIST KNOWS HOW TO LOVE.  They can only emulate love HA HA.

The goddess movement is another train wreck because their claim to fame is that The Bible is biased against women which is an absolute lie.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 5, 2014 Your God seems like a really horrible being. Seriously your opinion is based on what a joke says, you are a joke Michael.Praise your retardedness

Hairy vagina for evaer


Michael Idarecis Feb 5, 2014 +Max Werner   Your comments are from a defeated person.  There is no substance just like there is no substance to the lying feminist movement.  Mostly made up of enablers that provoke confrontation over and over and wonder why they are in abusive relationships.  They never bothered to consider they were the cause of the problem…

Praise I AM,

Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 5, 2014 how am i defeated? you haven’t provided one single argument that is based on facts, just your stupid misogynist book.


Michael Idarecis Feb 5, 2014 This VIDEO is circumstantial evidence wake up…

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 5, 2014 No it isn’t, i know alot of feminists who think it has gotten better.But a reason for why feminists aren’t happy is because they see the problems that men like you choose to overlook because you’re a jerk


Michael Idarecis Feb 5, 2014 Most feminists are enablers.  Enablers give the will instead of the heart and wonder why men treat them bad.  If was in a relationship with a feminist and she gave me will instead of heart would throw her out instantly.  Half the stories of abuse are caused by the feminists not the men.  Enablers hook up with guys they can control then the guys figure this out and give the women cruelty.

You can read my website that has a lot of understanding on psychopathy enabling and inflated ego.  Best of all why people’s polluted interpretation of The Bible is their own fault!

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 5, 2014 i won’t look at your embarrassing attempt to a website because i know its all based on bullshit religion


Michael Idarecis Feb 5, 2014 That is why you will fail Maxine…  You fail because you have a DOGMA!

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 5, 2014 why do you call me maxine wtf is wrong with you


Michael Idarecis Feb 5, 2014 Not sure if you are male or female from all this correspondence…


M1NDC0N7R0L Feb 5, 2014 Feminists want to be men. Lol.

The penis envy is so obvious. Just remember this…

(Deleted this part of his comment was not appropriate)

You don’t nail a hammer… You hammer a nail.


Namilea LOTI Feb 7, 2014 I think that’s the main failure of feminism, feminists want to turn women into men, and any women who wants to stay in her gender role gets shamed by the feminists, they want us to work while our kids are still in diapers and pay someone else to raise them while we work, and if we want to stay home to raise our kids we are considered lazy. No wonder women are so unhappy, most women don’t want to have to give up their children, to be raised by someone they don’t even know, but if we don’t, we get shamed, and our husbands are seen as “objectifying” us for “forcing” us to stay home. Maybe I just want to be a women! I hate feminism 🙁


Max Werner Feb 7, 2014 Look, feminists don’t hate women who stay at home, we hate the structure that’s causing women to stay at home, instead of the men.Men get paid more than women and therefore it’s more often than not that women stay at home but there’s also a social expectation on you women that you Should take care of the kids. And this, you see, is a problem. Because alot of women actually do want to work and earn money and become successful and get status. While other women (and men), want to stay at home and take care of the kids. And that’s ok. But what’s not okay is the fact that parents teach their daughters to take care of kids while the boys get to play around all day and have fun.

Take this as an example: Parents give their daughters babytoys that they take care of, feed and clean.
This is because of the fact that society expects women to want to stay at home and therefore we buy these “girltoys” that make you women want to stay at home, while men make money and earn Status at the workplace.

If you want to stay at home then that’s fine but just remember that not every woman wants to and i really think your doing yourself a unfavour by hating on feminism, such a nice ideology that’s focusing on your gender.


Michael Idarecis Feb 7, 2014 +Namilea LOTI Namilea you are BRILLIANT and absolutely correct.  These angry feminists should be ashamed of themselves.  They think that raising children is not important however what on earth can be more important and bringing the next generation into life?  Nothing!  Shame on them!  Congratulate you and can imagine you have wonderful children.  The reason these feminists want all the women to work and raise kids has to do with their lack of heart.  They sacrifice their kids for a glorified HEAD.  That is why they want to keep their maiden name.  They want a name for themselves.  The children is the legacy of the Mother.  Again congratulate you and if you like read my website where slam the inflated ego that creates this culture of feminism.  By the way about to post in the next two days “Why Feminism Always Fails”

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Michael Idarecis Feb 7, 2014 +Max Werner Max you are part of a lost cause.  You say “we hate structure that’s causing women to stay home” well guess what you are really saying you hate the woman’s body that has a womb.  Shame on you MAX!Your second paragraph is disgusting MAX!

Read your pathetic argument:

“Because alot of women actually do want to work and earn money and become successful and get status.”

Who said women that stay home aren’t successful?  How dare you make the most important endeavor so meaningless.  Shame on you feminists!  God is correct in saying how much He will destroy the children of Jezebel a FEMINIST!

Your other stupid statement:

“Take this as an example: Parents give their daughters babytoys that they take care of, feed and clean. ”

Can you find a set of breasts on men that can produce milk?  shame on your again…

What a horrible ideology in your statements you actually call women unsuccessful because they are not earning money.  That is why feminists are disgusting because they value the woman based on her ability to earn money!

Shame on you!

So glad Putin put those idiots in jail for two years.  He should have given them riotous women 7 years.

Namilea Loti you are a good woman!!!!!!  Far wiser than any FEMINIST!

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 7, 2014 That’s absolutely ridiculous, you completely misdapprahended what i wrote to use as an advantage. Pretty much you used your own stupidness to your advantage.


Michael Idarecis Feb 7, 2014 Max or Maxine it isn’t my fault you don’t realize what you are saying with your words.  This is not my advantage when you say on one breath that a woman wants to be successful and have status when she works you are saying the negative when she raises a family.


Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Max Werner Feb 7, 2014 That’s society’s view on it, not mine. If you had any social understanding you would get that.


Namilea LOTI Feb 8, 2014 +Michael Idarecis Thank you, I do get many compliments on how sweet, polite and smart my little guy is and now we have another on the way! I can’t wait to have the pleasure of raising them together with my husband, I think the gender roles are extremely important in a childs life, I do understand that some women have to work now, but I think a lot of it has to do with feminists shaming them into it, so many women working in turn made inflation happen and now so many are forced to work just to get by. Feminists say they just want women to have a choice, but the truth is, women always did have that choice, they just had to work for it, now feminists want it all handed to them with a pretty pink bow on top. They say they don’t shame women into working, but when they find one, they call her lazy, and her husband is made to look like some kind of sexist pig. I’m all for choice, but when it’s earned and not at the expense of our families. I will def. check out your site. Thank you for the kind words 🙂


Namilea LOTI Feb 8, 2014 +Max Werner Yes societies view, THANKS TO FEMINISM! 50 years ago, that was NOT societies view. Mothers have been made to look like gold diggers and husbands that appreciate a traditional family are made out to be sexist pigs!  This view needs to change, look at what’s happening to our children!


Max Werner Feb 8, 2014 50 years ago you could not even vote in many countries as a woman. Nor did you barely have any rights at all. And women who wanted to work could not have the opportunity. How can you view this as a more ideal era?


Michael Idarecis Feb 9, 2014 +Max Werner Max do you realize that you are at odds with a woman who opposes your feminist views and in your exchanges you were using and continue to use shame?  This is what 50 years of feminism taught you?  Instead of trying to point out how correct you think you are over her maybe you should just agree with her lick your wounds and go admit that feminism failed!  That is what this video was about.  This video was saying that it didn’t work women aren’t happier.  There is a greater problem and that has to do with truth and the will of man and woman have to realize that there is only happiness when the man and woman roles are both defined and appreciated.

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Michael Idarecis Feb 9, 2014 +Namilea LOTI Congratulations on your biscuit in the oven!

What the feminists don’t understand that the first 7 years of a child’s development are crucial to the well being of a child.  The greater the distortion in those years the more distorted the life will be as an adult.Imagine the feminist creating a gender neutral life for the children?  How horrific that is?

God Bless you and your family!

Your Husband is a blessed man to have you as a blessing!

Praise I AM,
Michael Idarecis


Namilea LOTI Feb 10, 2014 +Max Werner Many women could and DID work. I think a lot of those things could have changed without the need to turn all men into “rape hounds”… It’s the feminist view I don’t like, they see all men as a problem and if you don’t think that’s the case, you clearly have never taken any of the “women’s studies” courses, because it’s right there in the books they teach from… I’m tired of men/boys, all being seen as monsters, simply because they were born with a penis. Did you know, boy scouts have to let girls in now? Because it’s “sexist” not to let girls in, HOWEVER when a boy wanted to join the girl scouts, he was rejected, because “girls need a safe place away from boys”…  Feminism has gone WAY too far.


Namilea LOTI Feb 10, 2014 +Michael Idarecis Thank you! I have a little boy right now, and it makes me sick to see some of the stuff he has to go through, even in school, boys just aren’t allowed to be boys anymore, because feminist culture has taught us that being a boy and having the feelings you were born with, is somehow wrong. It is nice to see, some people are starting to realize this, I just hope it isn’t too late.


Charles Rode Feb 13, 2014 +Max Werner You are retarded.

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