Event in time, types of:

1. Has not happened yet.
2. Presently happening
3. Has happened.

Consciousness in time, types of:

1. Before an event transpires you have consciousness (can be years before something happens or even minutes before).
2. During an event you have consciousness (while the event is happening).
3. After an event you have consciousness (can even be 50 years later).
4. After an event you do not have consciousness EVER.
Experience is learned after an event has taken place.
Wisdom is to have consciousness before an event has ever happened.  Wisdom does not have to be experiential.  Wisdom from experience is still wisdom.
Imagine we draw a line and on that line we make a mark “NOW”.  We are always in the NOW.  That is the present time.  When an event happens and we reflect on that event we make connections.  The trick is how can we have consciousness of the aspects of things before an event takes place?

GOD brings us into consciousness by His Spirit through His word.  The more God reveals Himself to you the more the consciousness gets closer to the event.

1. When the consciousness precedes the event we are in a wonderful place.
2. Having consciousness during an event is a blessing as well.  
3. Having consciousness after an event takes place can still be a blessing
When we have an event and there is no consciousness then the event will repeat itself again and again.  Some people are stuck in this vicious circle of unconsciousness.  They relive the same problem over and over and even blaming God or say “it’s the cruel world’s fault” for their misery.  

How does consciousness relate to an event?

Have you ever felt you are in a vicious circle?  This is when you have limited consciousness without a means to change the recurring events.  However frustrating this may be much better than the realm of ignorance.  To be more present in the moment will guide you to the solution.  Man’s will causes this separation between event and consciousness.  The more that we think we are in control the further away we are from the reality.  Our will tricks us to make you think you have a solution whereas you don’t.
A friend of mine has three children and her husband is fighting her every step of the way for custody of the children.  Some might think it’s a good thing for the woman to keep fighting for the children however what good is the victory when in the battle the children are torn in two.  She was trusting in herself instead of God.  Let him have the kids and then with the peace the children will discern who was right as they get older.  If we exercise our will to get what we think is right the consequences are far more devastating than we had considered.

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