Pregenital Stage 3-5 years

What happens in the pregenital stage between 3 and 5 years of age?

This is when the child gets to exercise it’s newly formed head.  Prior to this stage in the anal stage the child exercises the “NO” and used it’s head to make decisions like eating, sleeping, holding it’s bladder/bowels and mobility.  If the child successfully passes the anal stage the natural progression would be to use the head to CREATE.

What is the first thing the child creates?

DRAWING PICTURES!  Expressing that which the head can see.

Who does the child want to draw the pictures for?

Opposite sex parent/guardian.

This stage of development has everything to do with the opposite sex parent/guardian.  The same sex parent should not receive the energies associated with this stage of development.  This being before the genital stage lays the ground work for the child coming into it’s sexuality.  From before birth to the first 6 months the baby is in the bonding stage of development where the baby left The Spirit world and is now entering into humanity.  The pregenital stage is now the bonding with the opposite sex parent.  Just because the Mother was present for the first 3 years of development of a son she now has to treat the son differently.  The Mother is the first girlfriend of a Son.  Just as the Father is the first boyfriend for a Daughter.

Here are some examples of how parents confuse the child.

If the child is a male the parents attempt to begin the bonding process with the Father.

If the child is a female the parents attempt to begin the bonding process with the Mother.

This is crucial for the child to show the art work to the opposite sex parent.  The opposite sex parent must be present to accept this art work.  Present in that the parent is centered in their sexuality seeing the child reaching out for approval.  If the opposite sex parent is not present during this process then the child feels betrayed.  This betrayal also extends to the child wanting to do things with the opposite sex parent.  Later in life the child would not know the bonding aspect of a relationship with the opposite sex and immediately jump into promiscuous relationships with dominion and or enabling involved.  This bonding with the opposite sex before the genital stage is similar to getting to know the opposite sex as an adult prior to having an intimate relationship.  Because this is done in the purity associated with the age whereas the mind does not feel shame or judgment.  Later we will discuss some scenarios of what happens.

NOTE:  Betrayal and seduction are aspects of this damage as well.  The opposite sex parent would say something like “IF” you do this “THEN” we will do that.  The child accomplishes the task and then the opposite sex parent defaults on their end of the deal.  This represents the more extreme form that causes the damage however the subtle form is just as damaging.


When this child becomes an adult the “IF/THEN” becomes a regular part of the defense.  An example we witnessed on New Years Eve a couple got engaged and the man had witnessed the woman take a puff of a cigarette however she wasn’t planning on smoking.  The man now argues with her and says “IF” you smoke “THEN” we are over.  This behavior of if/then hangs a very desirable carrot in the balances.  This man is actually bluffing however he knows she won’t challenge him and therefore never needs to execute the “THEN”.  Had spoken to her in the midst of this and taught her that if anyone ever does the if/then to you the only solution is to force them to follow through on the then aspect of what is in view.  The man was putting the entire relationship without regard that they just got engaged that evening.  This is also a form cowardice on the part of the man since he has no foundation in the heart he relies on callous computer like logic.  IF/THEN is a conditional response to shift blame upon someone else’s actions.  The answer gives judgment upon the person who was receiving the IF/THEN.  Life is full of conditional scenarios like if you speed then you might get a ticket.  In a relationship this if/then takes the form of executing judgement upon someone not to reveal some hidden fear.

Coming back to the drawing “IF” the opposite sex parent does not accept the artwork “THEN” this child begins to sacrifice humanity to be special. This child grows up looking to rise above the pain of being betrayed by not appreciating their creation.  For this child growing up the defense would be for the child to focus more on their head in a sense enlarging their head and neglecting their body.  Remember this is the stage of development when the child first begins to create.  The head is actually floating on a string whereas the bottom of that string is the body of the little child in pain holding their art work that their opposite sex parent didn’t want to see.

What does this inflated head structure mean for the individual?

Previously we mentioned the head is like a balloon on a string with a very small body that is in pain.  Let us now look at the physical properties of the head and it’s relation to the body and see how the energetic manifests itself in a physical distorted reality.  This distortion is part of the character defense.  Let me remind you that this is not the person but the character defense trying to reconcile and protect from the pain.

Understanding the inflated head

When the head is alienated/elevated from the body the following occurs:

Bad Behavior

Drawings or expression of creativity also reflect a truth about the child and future behavior.  Children become bad because they are suppressing emotions and creativity that is associated with pain that their opposite sex parent had unknowingly inflicted when the parent didn’t see the creativity of the child.  The bad behavior is really a downward force so the child does not feel the pain in the body.  This downward force now creates a divide between the heart and the head.  If you can reconnect the heart to the head through creative expression then the downward force or bad behavior will no longer be necessary for the child.  The parents punishing this child under these circumstances just adds to the vicious cycle.  Of course the child or adult has no idea this is what is going on.


The emotions are from the torso not the head.  If the head is so elevated from the body then the emotions would not have the energy to reach that high therefore they have to come from another source to feed the head.  This defense would be to provoke someone in some manner in return for an emotional response.  The consequences of this now alienates the head even further from the emotions of the body by making the spirit within the enemy.  This provocation is usually upon someone that won’t speak back to defend themselves.  In a different light they do not have emotions they can only emulate emotions.

How they relate to “I”

The head is part of the body when the person is not alienated from the body.  The identification of being the “I” is exercised in all forms of communication when they are elevated or alienated from their body.  They exercise this behavior to everyone around them.  This alienated “I” now looks to control all the other heads of other people at all times.  This individual looks to be the head on top of everyone else’s body.

Lying/Diverting Responsibility

There are different reasons for someone to lie therefore let us look at them and see what energy is in play.  Lying and Diverting Responsibility are the core attributes of evil.  This is quite ominous when you read why it is so necessary to lie and have others believe the lies.

Lying to divert an apparent threat.  When someone breaks something for example they can’t handle the responsibility of blame therefore they blame someone else.  This is probably the most common when children are involved because the fear from their parents is greater than telling the truth.  Earlier you read the balloon on a string and compare that to the child not having a container large enough to handle the energy.  However when someone is alienated from their torso they lack the substance to be able to stand in the truth in their adult life.  Look at that again from another angle.  Remember the balloon on a string and compare that to the child not having a container large enough to handle the energy.  The inflated ego has a small container of energy because they are not tied to their torso/heart.  Also note it is easy for them to put someone else in their grief because the lack of heart connection.  The smaller container is not able to stand the possible criticism from the other person and by lying they are hiding.

Lying because that mirrors their lie that they are.  The head not tied to the torso is a lie.  If you are alienated from the truth you are in the lie.  The lie becomes the very essence and identity of the person.  These people can’t believe the truth because you must have truth to believe truth.  This is clearly evident with all the erroneous religions and their interpretation of God.  We have all these different religions because man is alienated from The Spiritual truth therefore they are blind to the truth.  In the Garden of Eden Adam & Eve’s eyes were opened.  Their eyes were opened to lies and have no way of coming to the truth.  Their eyes were opened to lies and have no way of coming to the truth by their will.  Everything they reach for with their will is now a lie.  That is why organized religion is just the proliferation of the lie.

Lying to feed upon someone else.  This disturbing fact is the very nature of being disconnected from the torso/heart.  They need emotions and they are not connected to their emotions therefore they need a victim to believe their lies and feed off of.  This is also insight on why there are psychopath killers.

Lying to coerce someone to do something they don’t want to do which is also enabling.  Every enabler is a liar and every liar is an enabler.  The serpent in The Garden of Eden is a prime example.

Lying to make profits which is very easy to see on wall street and the lawyers.

Lying as a downward force not to feel emotions that are coming upwards to the consciousness of the head.  Therefore the lying is pushing down or going above the truth.

Biblically this can be summed up in two verses:

John 8:44, 45 “44 ‘Ye are of a father–the devil, and the desires of your father ye will to do; he was a man-slayer from the beginning, and in the truth he hath not stood, because there is no truth in him; when one may speak the falsehood, of his own he speaketh, because he is a liar–also his father. 45 ‘And because I say the truth, ye do not believe me.”


If you consider the actor has a lot in common with the pregenital stage trauma.  They are both lying.  An actor or actress is lying by portraying themselves as someone they are not.  This is out in the open whereas an inflated ego lies to control while hiding the fact of who they are.  The actor does not have emotions…  They are masters at emulating emotions.  Not only do they lack emotions but they need to continue acting so they can have a sense of the complete self by emulating emotions.  Now what about all those people that are glorifying the actors and actresses?  Aren’t they the enablers that don’t have emotions as well and are living vicariously through the actors and actresses?  Is the best actor the best liar?  Is the best actor the perfect psychopath?  Having you believe they are truly feeling something that they are not?  Why do they wear dark glasses?  The eyes are the windows to the soul and surely if the emotions aren’t real then what does that say about their soul?  They have all sorts of drama with their relationships.  Notice they are paid a tremendous amount of money to lie.  The best liar makes the most money.  See how money is tied to being disconnected from the feminine body?  They scream how they hate the paparazzi however they love them.  They need the paparazzi.

Remember one time was installing a satellite dish for Teri Hatcher in her penthouse apartment on 23rd street.  Did not meet her since this was arranged through an agent or personal assistant.  Drop off two of the installers with me and leave for a while.  When returning with lunch for the guys noticed they had a stupid dumb founded look on their face.  Immediately asked them what they did.  They proceeded to tell me “do you know who the customer is?”.  It is Terri Hatcher…  Still had no idea and they said do you remember Lois from “Lois & Clark”?  Nope wasn’t much on watching TV.  How about Tango & Cash the one that played Cash’s sister.  Ok remember that movie.  After lunch we finished up on the roof and went downstairs to show Terri the satellite receiver was working.  My two guys practically drooling on the floor Terri and me between Terri and the puddle makers.  She recently had her baby at the time however you could not tell.  Was going over the operation of the remote and changing the channels and all off a sudden Ted Kopel was on one of the channels.  Terri immediately chirped “I know him”.  This was over 15 years ago had no idea about consciousness or anything like that.  However in the moment when Terri said “I know him” had tremendous contempt for her.  Gave her a condescending look for she had my two guys ogling over her and in that second she wanted me to connect with her in the same manner my two guys were.  This is how she was feeding off the energy of those that look at Terri in a desirous manner.  See how the two guys with me were not enough for her feeding?  See how she wanted me to desire her in that manner?  She was dangling sexuality for me to be drawn into her.  She would want me to reach for that sexuality and then she would have abruptly cut it off.  This is another way the inflated ego dangles some sort of desire but doesn’t deliver.


Love for the inflated ego takes the form of control.  The closer to someone with an alienated head from the body the more the control is exerted towards the person.  Have a friend of mine who was getting married to a man who had an inflated ego.  As the wedding day approached his behavior became more controlling.  So controlling that the woman’s day to day actions were scrutinized to no end.  Dominion was exercised in every facet of her interactions with him.  The inflated ego can only emulate love in distortion based on the disconnect.

The masculine expressing this distortion of love is easy to see as controlling.  Love is always associated with the heart.  Now imagine the brain disconnected from the torso and consider how the brain would interact/operate under these circumstances.  Without The Spiritual understanding or at least the emotional connection the brain will function like a MACHINE.  As the brain sends the command to the heart to beat it also requires feedback from the heart to the MACHINE MIND as proof the heart is functioning.  In this distorted world the greater the man controls the more he is expressing his distorted love.  He is the master and she becomes the servant.

The feminine inflated ego expressing this distortion of love is more difficult to discern because the feminine is hidden (like the heart is in the body).  This distortion is doing an action for the man in place of love.  Since the woman is more connected to the torso than the head she would be the heart part of the head/heart when it comes to love.  If she is not giving the love of the heart then she is giving the MACHINE PUMPING of the heart.  The man is the machine mind and the woman is the machine pump.  Now remember the woman that was about to get married to that man that was becoming insanely controlling before the wedding?  Why didn’t she leave?  Because she was giving the pumping action of a machine heart, she is supposed to take in everything he commands (both distortions of love).  Can you see how she is the other half of this distortion yet we can visibly see the man’s controlling over the woman’s enabling?  This is why these two gravitate to one another because for every command from the head to the heart to BEAT the heart will respond with that BEAT.  She is the servant to the master.

This is a vicious cycle of machines emulating emotions because of the inflated ego and disconnect from the heart/torso/Spirit.  This is an imagination from the masculine and an imagination from the feminine counterpart.  Neither one is looking for truth because they are both alienated from truth and the distortion is manifested in place of love.  The Mind Gives orders (controller) to the heart to beat (controlled).  This is why you have relationships like this because to maintain the illusion of connection to the torso they can only emulate love through the understanding of the mechanical process of the head/heart.


True wisdom is a connection to the Spirit of Truth that is dwelling in your torso.  If someone is alienated from that truth then they have to emulate wisdom.  The mind that is disconnected from Infinite Wisdom collects information in place of wisdom.  Remember the terminator movies?  Or movies that have a storyline of machines having consciousness?  Well in this case the machine world does live and that is in the world of the inflated ego.  The accumulation of data gives birth to A.I. or Artificial Intelligence.  This is the distorted mind that can see but not discern.  They take in more information yet never come to the knowledge of wisdom.


When the adult is alienated from the spiritual body they use the heart as a tool.  If they want someone to do something for them (especially if money is involved) instead of presenting the facts and truth they infer some heart reasoning to shame you into fulfilling their will.  An example would be if someone needed you to pay something they might say “this is how a heart filled person does things”.  Because of the disconnect from the heart the head looks at the heart as if it is just a pump for the head to control.  Therefore all the relationships will be full of control.  Does the head control the heart beat?  Yes.  However in the distortion of the alienated person the heart now is outside the body since they can’t connect to their own heart.  Therefore the head sending the impulse for the heart to beat within the body is now outside the body.  The inflated ego becomes controlling over someone else.  The inflated ego is the will and the victim becomes the recipient of the commands of the head.  This is why women stay in abusive relationships.  This does not mean that the inflated ego is fully to blame.  They are the distorted head looking to find a new heart/body in someone else whereas the enabler is the distorted heart/body looking for a head to feed their poison.  Since the head needs to replace the heart that is lacking within them they need to have blood as well which will be quite alarming a few paragraphs down.


When the head is in union with the body/spirit the understanding of God is that God is within the individual.  God resides in the body and He rises up into the head of consciousness without any effort on the part of the head, this manifestation is the Glory of God.  This is what the alienated head wants to do by their will.  Therefore the alienated head attempts to be in the clouds with authority like the rising again of Christ.  Note The Garden of Eden and how both the Adam & Eve used their will to take of the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil.  This particular attribute is one that is shared with all the character defenses in various shades.  Also note this is where the disregard for authority comes into play.  Religiosity in following the letter of the law is the very root of evil.  This is easily seen with cult leaders that bring their followers to death.


The head knows it is breathing as part of the nervous system if the head is alienated then the head needs proof that the person is breathing.  What better proof that you are breathing than smoking.  This is also a way of slowly killing the body and thereby distancing the head from the body.  This also creates a situation where they do not exhale.  As if they have an upward displacement in their shoulders filled with air not wanting the air to reach the abdomen.


The spirit is in the torso not in the head.  If the head does not receive the proof of the spirit within the torso the individual gets involved in Alcohol and Drugs to replace the spirit.  Oddly enough they call alcohol SPIRITS.  Alcohol and Drugs in a sense is a replacement of the Feminine body/torso.  Instead of drawing from your own Spirit you seek to have dominion using a Spirit you can control.


Had put both blood and money together since the head alienated from the heart needs a replacement for blood and that is where the love of money comes in.  The blood is the currency of the body bringing the nourishment to the head.  If the head is not connected to the body the head will replace blood that is inside the body with money which is outside the body.  This also ties into when this person spends a lot of money they also sense they are giving a lot of love.  The Bible speaks about not being able to serve two masters.  One being mammon which is money and the other is God.  You see the Love of the money is proof you are disconnected from your torso.  Also you hear about the Blood of Christ.  Christ is the mediator between the head of man and God.  Ever hear “blood money” well that is infinitely tied together as you can read below:

Look at this incredible parallel with what we are discussing about the pregenital stage character defense and how the inflated ego manifested with Judas.  This is the account of Judas after he realized Jesus was condemned.  Note the following incredible information

  1. Judas was paid 30 pieces of silver and delivered up innocent blood (money for blood).
  2. Judas was trying to return the money (trying to repent for his actions).
  3. Judas strangled himself which is exactly what the inflated ego is a disconnect from the head and the body (proof that in his final act Judas used his will therefore not saved).
  4. The Jews said this was the “price of blood” (Judas was conscious of his actions however the Jews that paid him were not and justified their actions by law).
  5. The “field of blood” or as we know it as “potter’s field” was purchased with the money that Judas was paid to guide the Jews to Jesus.

Matthew 27:4-8 “4 ‘I did sin, having delivered up innocent blood;’ and they said, ‘What–to us? thou shalt see!’ 5 and having cast down the silverlings in the sanctuary, he departed, and having gone away, he did strangle himself. 6 And the chief priests having taken the silverlings, said, ‘It is not lawful to put them to the treasury, seeing it is the price of blood;’ 7 and having taken counsel, they bought with them the field of the potter, for the burial of strangers; 8 therefore was that field called, ‘Field of blood,’ unto this day.”

In the instance of Judas we see that the money was what Judas betrayed Jesus for.  This is the exactly the same thing that happens within the body of an individual when they sacrifice humanity they are alienated from their body.  How much violence is attributed to greed and the love of money?

1 Timothy 6:9, 10 “9 and those wishing to be rich, do fall into temptation and a snare, and many desires, foolish and hurtful, that sink men into ruin and destruction, 10 for a root of all the evils is the love of money, which certain longing for did go astray from the faith, and themselves did pierce through with many sorrows;”


The intimacy felt is replaced with coldness of heart, sex and pornography.


If the head is elevated from the body the head would not know what sex the individual is.  Therefore sex is determined in the head instead of the body as a choice.  Both homosexuality and heterosexual are determined in the head therefore they are not rooted in the body and an imagined sense of sexuality becomes the identity.  Choosing to be male would now necessitate doing macho things to prove to head they are male.  Same with the woman choosing to be female and do things that would prove they were female.  Ever meet a man that radiated his homosexual energy?  They become almost extra feminine in their mannerisms.


The head being connected to the body gives a humbleness of spirit.  In the alienated state the head now seeks approval and glory from everyone.  Nothing matters but the glory.  Almost wanting to steal the Glory of God.  This is so important to understand that the child and adult sacrifices humanity to be special.  When the creativity of the child was not appreciated the child now has to create their own way to emulate creativity.  How can they connect to the truth when they are only seeking glory?  They can’t they are blinded by their lust for glory.  There are probably examples of this that have just come to your mind reading this.  What you might not know is how this operates.  One aspect of this kind of person is to get the glory that they never got when they were 3-5 years of age.  Since that was never fulfilled from the opposite sex parent this is the story of the rest of their life.  If you look at Steve Jobs in his demeanor and pictures you will always see him showing one of his products in a very eerie way.  Look at Steve Jobs and consider he is showing his mother what he made just like a little 5 year old boy.  Can you see the similarities in the way he is holding the Apple product?  Keep in mind Steve Jobs is more developed in that he has this and also the next character defense which has greater substance than the typical pregenital stage trauma.  This is how they operate they need glory not just glory but ALL THE GLORY!  They seldom share the glory.  The only time they share the glory is just at the moment when they are seducing someone to do their will.  Charming?  YES!  This is the only time they reverse the roles.  They make the victim think they are in control while they are fueling this for their purpose.

Charming (Fake Reverse Glory)

This is placed after glory because charming is the only time someone with an Inflated EGO does a role reversal.  When someone is charming it could be they are extending their energy of the inflated ego feeding upon someone else and make you do it to them.  It is a trap!  This is not their intention to promote or to glorify you.  You see this goes back to The Garden of Eden and the serpent when dealing with Eve the serpent was demonstrating this perfectly.  The serpent had Eve believing that she would be in charge and in control if she ate of the fruit of the knowledge of good & evil.  She was empowered in that moment yet that was all a trap.  She fell hook line and sinker (pun intended).  When someone is charming they are in a sense putting you above them or giving you glory.  When you feel this sense of importance or soaking up the compliments you too become alienated from the truth.  This is the time when you are alienated from your own truth that you will believe or reproduce the lie.  Whatever lie this person is about to do to you or feed from you.  When you have a sense of importance in this moment it is for THEIR greater purpose.  The purpose could be for them to have their way in a matter maybe get a discount on something they are purchasing.  Maybe to just do it because it makes them laugh at you knowing you fell for this trap.  Maybe just to feed upon your desire to want more of this.  We are going to demonstrate this from one of the seasons of Celebrity Apprentice, how Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall had a boardroom confrontation.  Can’t begin to tell you that this is the most magnificent example of someone’s Inflated EGO being exposed.  Just gives you chills when you see how subtle this is.  Easy to find on YouTube, take a look at it and send me an email on how accurate our website is compared to her actions in that segment and really throughout the entire season of Celebrity Apprentice Aubrey O’Day was in.  Make no mistake this fake charm they convey is really contempt for you under their breath.


Where the head would normally have proper discernment of a situation based on the comfort of one’s heart and body foundation to make decisions.  Instead of discerning between right and wrong the language is replaced with “I am right you are wrong”.


One attribute of the disconnect is suicide and not always a willful suicide.  The inflated ego creates their own demise.  The Spirit doesn’t allow the inflated ego to have peace because they sacrificed their spirit or in a sense murdered Abel/Christ who was in their body.  A very hidden example of this is Steve Jobs and his fruitarian diet.  Earlier this year Ashton Kutcher assumed the role of Steve Jobs and in doing so wanted to live the life of Steve Jobs.  Ashton Kutcher was hospitalized with a pancreas problem because he was mimicking Steve Jobs fruitarian diet.  Steve Jobs had pancreas cancer!  Steve Jobs identity was APPLE COMPUTER!  The computer is a replacement for the spirit within.  Since his ego was so inflated beyond comprehension he had very little connection to his own body.  So his Spirit shut down his body.  Note his mind could not exist without his body!  His mind was aware he was facing a slow death.  Still not convinced?  What is the logo of Apple computer company?  Did you get the aha moment?  Apple is a fruit and Steve Jobs died of a pancreas problem caused by his fruitarian diet.  Also the logo is actually a fruit with a bite missing from the Apple.  Tell me that is a coincidence or a manifestation of a Spiritual reality?

In contrast we also see deliberate suicide in Saul of the Old Testament where he fell upon his own sword.  What is suicide but in fact using the will to control the remainder of one’s life.  We know The Spirit of God would not do such a thing.  The spirit of error on the other hand is fulfilled when someone takes their life.  Also note when these people feed upon other people they are killing and fulfilling the suicide as murder of someone else.

1 Samuel 31:4 “4 and Saul saith to the bearer of his weapons, ‘Draw thy sword, and pierce me with it, lest they come–these uncircumcised–and have pierced me, and rolled themselves on me;’ and the bearer of his weapons hath not been willing, for he is greatly afraid, and Saul taketh the sword, and falleth upon it.”



The head being alienated from eternity which is located in the spiritual body is replaced with an obsession with time.  Time is short and the person is always racing against time.  You will find them driving fast or trying to pack in as much as they can in the day.  They also have the ability to waste other people’s time so that life is exceedingly convenient for them.  Especially if they owe you money they will have you come several times just to waste more and more of your time.  Ever see men with oversized watches?  Women’s watches twenty years ago were tiny and now the women are wearing chronograph watches bigger than the men.  Women had eternity and now since they are elevating themselves from the torso to the head they need bigger watches.  The heart is the audible time keeper and it is in our torso.  Note if they are not connected to the torso they won’t have that audible time clock of the heart connection.  That is why they are obsessed with time as well because the inflated ego head needs to have connection to the heart which is the time keeper.


People get tattoos to express something for someone else to read or as they say for themselves.  This expression is control over a message by one’s will.  The mind wanting other people to connect with their statement inscribed upon their body.  When someone is connected to their Spirit they have no desire to get a tattoo because The Spirit radiates the message to whomever it is intended to receive without control.  When The Spirit is not expressing itself to the consciousness of the individual because of the disconnect however the head still needs to get that feedback as part of a fully functioning individual.  Therefore the character defense emulates a distorted form for the head.  The Spirit is invisible and radiates, when the head is disconnected from The Spirit the head has to use a visible form to express the ideas in the head.  Ever see those tattoos that have some sort of symbolic tribal or other obscure language?  That almost necessitates for someone to ask “what does that Tattoo mean?”.  The person with the Tattoo now explains the message.  The Spirit speaks a language that only those that are part of the same Spirit can discern.  The same is true when you read The Bible.  There is the outer aspect of The Bible which is very different than The Spiritual core of what is said.  This is why when someone reads The Bible they make conclusions based on the cognitive understanding the parallel of reading a Tattoo on one’s body.  The message being outside the body instead of inside the body.  Since this is a spiritual matter lets us read how this relates to The Spirit of God in light of the paragraph above:

2 Corinthians 3:2, 3 “2 our letter ye are, having been written in our hearts, known and read by all men, 3 manifested that ye are a letter of Christ ministered by us, written not with ink, but with the Spirit of the living God, not in the tablets of stone, but in fleshy tablets of the heart,”

Can you see the similarities?

  1. “our letter ye are, having been written in our hearts” ties the chosen of God are living letters and note how this ties directly into the heart as in our understanding of the pregenital character defense is one of being alienated from the heart.
  2. “manifested that ye are a letter of Christ ministered by us” what came to light that the letter written on your hearts is of Christ Jesus that was taught by the saints.
  3. “written not with ink” note how the tattoo is written with ink ON the skin or surface of the body where the eyes of man can see.  This part of the verse is exceedingly clear that this writing in our hearts and is not outside on the body.
  4. “but with the Spirit of the living God” the will of God is writing without the will or efforts of man.  The LIVING GOD as compared to the dead that everyone normally sees which is under the dominion of the god of the eyes.
  5. “not in the tablets of stone, but in fleshy tablets of the heart” the heart of those alienated from God are called a heart of stone which means that unless God is the force you have a heart of stone.  Therefore this transformation must happen first and not with the will of man:  Ezekiel 36:26 “26 And I have given to you a new heart, And a new spirit I give in your midst, And I have turned aside the heart of stone out of your flesh, And I have given to you a heart of flesh.”

Everything can change in an instant so if you have a Tattoo when you were in the old person the new person will see things differently.  Does having a Tattoo make you a bad person?  No.  What is in view is that people imagine they are in control of their choices and now we see that the getting a Tattoo or choice to do so is fulfilling their lack of control and in fact being under the dominion of a character defense alienated from the Spiritual Truth of the body.  This again is not just reserved for the pregenital stage but rather everyone suffers from this disconnect from The Spiritual body unless God heals us.

Why isn’t this information in the DSM?

The book am referring to is “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders”.  Had someone briefly argue with me saying “what you are saying is not in my DSM book”.  Here is a little secret so you can get a really good understanding why this isn’t there.  How can the person who has a problem that they are not aware of reveal this problem?  How can this same person who no doubt has been schooled for many years governed by their WILL understand anything about any and all the information you had read thus far?  IMPOSSIBLE!  This is the very problem that started in The Garden of Eden the very beginning of man’s disconnect from God.  How can the blind see?  Impossible unless they have been healed.  Stating this now just before you look at the diagram below that has the energy that causes psychopathy.

Visually Understanding The Energy of Pregenital Character Defense:

This image below represents how the energy is driving this character defense to form and function.  No one actually looks like this however this is how they are inside.  This is what governs their decisions, relationships and behavior.  What is even more incredible is that they actually reveal all these actions on a regular basis.  That means when this person is in their character defense you can expect to see this.  This is very difficult to view when you are engaged with this person because you are FEEDING THEM!

Pregenital Energy

Relationship between pregenital and anal phase character defenses:

The image below represents the relationship the pregenital stage character defense with an anal stage character defense.  Note the following is only a short version will be greatly expanded:

  1. The anal stage character defense is always smiling even when under tremendous pressure from the pregenital stage character defense.
  2.   The pregenital character defense has an inflated head structure and no foundation in the body.  Therefore has to be associated with someone that “can’t say no”.  The “NO” would then challenge the lies and provocation from the head of the pregenital stage head structure.
  3. The mother of the anal stage character defense (1 1/2 to 3 years) pushed the head into the torso by the following:
    1. Yelling don’t run!
    2. Yelling stand still!
    3. Yelling eat all your food!
    4. Putting suppositories in the anus of child.
  4. The head pushed in then:
    1. Says yes when means “NO”
    2. Seeks someone in the field of view that would be in the upward direction.

Dysfunctional Dynamic Duo

Chillingly Accurate Video of pregenital character defense man interacting with an anal character defense woman.

Below is a video of the actor Omar Sharif slapping a woman who somehow interrupted Omar when the photographer was supposed to take a picture of Omar by HIMSELF (note emphasis).  That is when she walked into that picture.  WE DO NOT CONDONE VIOLENCE however this video was necessary to better understand how this dysfunctional relationship relationship is expressed.  While watching the video remember the picture of  the pregenital character defense and also the picture of the pregenital character defense dealing with an anal stage character defense.  This video is a vividly accurate of how the two engage and fulfill the “dynamic duo in dysfunction”.  This will be expanded soon.  Note the following:

  1. Omar’s intimidating eyes.
  2. Body structure of the woman that gets slapped.
  3. The woman that got slapped was SMILING!
  4. The woman apologized when she was slapped instead of arguing or fighting back.
  5. Even Omar’s hair represents the energy in that moment.
  6. Dominion being exercised by Omar was instantaneous.
  7. Note Omar was pointing to his head after telling her in a weird sort of way “where is your head”.  If someone can translate this please email me.
  8. Note Omar’s head is forward and his body frame.
  9. After Omar slapped the woman he became compassionate to his actions which is an attribute of someone who has healed from the pregenital stage character defense.

Omar Sharif Slapps Woman YouTube video:

Some physical attributes that accompany this character defense.

Intimidating eyes that ties directly to what the child was doing in the first place.  Drawing a picture and now the eyes are more charged to see more.

A small waist for the man similar to an insect body.

The torso is V shaped.

A woman’s neck that seems too thin to support the head or longer than normal.

Women tend to have a larger hip area.

Stomach problems since the air does not get into the lower parts of the lungs and body because of the holding of breath.Genitals become a tool or a weapon.

What is going on inside this child or adult?:

This inflated head needs to survive without being emotionally attached to it’s own heart/body/Spirit.  Remember it’s heart/body/Spirit has pain and this child can’t attach to that pain so it rises up.  As this progresses the child’s erratic behavior is actually feeding time on someone else’s emotions as well as a way to push down emotions back under dominion.  The child provokes an emotional response and then feeds off the emotions off the host.  Even if you hit the child this emotion is something they are starving for.  They are alienated from their own emotions that is why they can be so callous.

Dealing with this child/adult (note this is a quick short list):

  1. Only opposite sex well centered in their sexuality person should deal with this child/adult.
  2. Do not ask questions!  When you ask them questions it gives them the opportunity to LIE.  The more they lie the more you disconnect the head from their emotions.  Therefore you are actually making this worse.
  3.   Do not ask the child about their feelings because they only emulate feelings at this time.
  4.   Say something like “only tell me something that you feel your spirit is forcing you to tell me”.  This way when the spirit shoots up something the child has to share with you the connection of truth begins.
  5. The opposite sex parent or practitioner should encourage the child to “DRAW”.
  6. Also encourage the child to build make create things with their hands.  They must show you what they make.  This is going to take some time and even if this is silent that is ok.  The hands have to do with the heart and as this child makes things the heart begins to awaken.  DO NOT SHOW SAME SEX PARENT!
  7. There will be astonishing improvements with the child looking to end these sessions with outbursts.  These outbursts are feeding time so if you don’t feed the bad behavior then the good behavior will come.

Parallel of Pregenital Stage Manifestations

Lawerence Krauss is a Scientist a Cosmologist who does not believe that God exists.  However when you look at his statements based on our understanding above there a shocking parallel that is represented within the individual and the universe.  Lawerence said: “we will be lonely and ignorant but dominant” as space expands in the universe one day we might look up at the heavens and we will only see our galaxy.  This is the exact state of the head that is disconnected from the spiritual body.  That is the same state of the inflated EGO that has no Light.  These are the attributes of someone that sacrifices their body/heart/Spirit to have dominion.  Krauss said over time this is what the universe will look like since the speed at which the universe is expanding is also gaining velocity over time.  Eventually the expansion of space will be faster than light can travel through space.  The space is expanding because of “dark matter”.  Therefore according to Lawerence and the Cosmologists one day we won’t be able to see the stars in the sky from distant galaxies.  The inflated EGO is seeking to be higher in the heavens disconnected from the spiritual body.  They are alone up there since they only know the word “I”.  When someone is alone and is in the fantasy of their mind they are also ignorant and unaware.  The whole makeup of the inflated ego is to dominate.  The inflated ego is filled with dark matter in their persona so odd that the very name the cosmologists use is “dark matter”.  One day this individual can also loose all possibilities of seeing the light of the stars and the light of truth that is their Spirit within their body, they will also be alienated from other people how dreadful!  Look what the Bible says about the stars:

1 Corinthians 15:41 “41 one glory of sun, and another glory of moon, and another glory of stars, for star from star doth differ in glory.”

Jude 1:13 “13 wild waves of a sea, foaming out their own shames; stars going astray, to whom the gloom of the darkness to the age hath been kept.”

Revelation 1:20 “20 the secret of the seven stars that thou hast seen upon my right hand, and the seven golden lamp-stands: the seven stars are messengers of the seven assemblies, and the seven lamp-stands that thou hast seen are seven assemblies.”

Lawerence quote above was taken from the “A Universe From Nothing”.  At 40 minutes into the video he describes the expanding universe and that will culminate to the quoted verse at a little passed 51 minutes into the video.

Lawerence Krauss on youtube discussing his beliefs that “science refutes God”

 Why this is important?

This is a parallel of science and what happens within a body.  Just as the alienated inflated head eventually will be disconnect so far from the body/heart/Spirit that the light of truth can not be observed (by the head) exactly how the distant galaxies will one day be separated by dark matter so that we can’t see their light.  THIS IS NO LONGER A SCIENTIFIC PRINCIPAL!  This is GOD at hand!  This parallel exists outside the boundaries of science.  Why does this expansion in the universe parallel with what happens in an individual?  Or vice versa?  This is similar to a quantum entanglement with two unrelated understandings that are infinitely tied together, one affects the other.  The very small and the very large are the same.  Just as an atom looks like a solar system.

To be continued