Chasing The Lie

Ever want to find out if someone is exercising psychopathy on a given situation?

Really easy…  It is called “Chasing The Lie”

You probably never heard that before because it is something that came to me one day.  It all started years ago before any of my studies on the various stages and their meanings.  It was at my Grandfather’s house out in Southold Long Island.  The kitchen faucet was leaking and had offered to repair the faucet for my Grandfather.  Took a look at the unit and it was difficult to find parts for that online.  Had asked my Grandfather “who bought this?” and he said a Turkish guy that was doing some work for my Grandfather about a year ago.  Still couldn’t find the parts on line and thought it is time to just take a 25 minute ride over to Home Depot in Riverhead.  We get there look at the plumbing department parts and can’t find any repair kits for this Glacier Bay faucet.  Was a little frustrated and then went to the faucet section to speak with a Home Depot plumbing guy and then noticed the very same unit on the wall.  It was the cheapest Glacier Bay faucet on the wall $ 29.00.  After asking the man about parts for this unit he laughed at me bringing my attention to this is the cheapest unit here there are no parts for this.  Now at this point am totally disgusted because over the years of working at homes installing sound systems and other aspects of home remodeling have a distain for someone buying anything just because it is the cheapest.  There is some saying buy cheap and you pay for something 3 times.  The first time you buy and it fails then you have to spend the money again to replace and the extra time required just makes the unit cost 3 to 5 times what you wanted to spend no matter what.  Of course turned to my Grandfather and said “you let this dumb Turkish guy buy the cheapest of the cheap?” mind you while pointing at all the cheapest one and then looking at the most expensive one and saying after “why not go with this one that is in the middle?”.  My Grandfather quickly confirmed that he didn’t know the difference and blamed the Turkish guy again.  We buy a more reasonably priced unit meaning one that cost more money and was of better quality.  Clearly an oxymoron when you buy from Home Depot since for years had always thought they buy “B” stock items and sell them as “A” stock.  Well that is another story we can get into but not now am too mad about this Glacier Bay faucet.

We are in the car pulling out of Home Depot and again just start to recount the story to my Grandfather.  “so this Turkish guy picked out and installed the cheapest faucet that we can’t even buy parts for?”.  Again my Grandfather just reaffirmed this Turkish guy’s stupidity “can’t believe this Turkish guy does this kind of work and he can take advantage of someone like that”.  For me taking a drive to Home Depot is no big deal however repairing incompetence is a totally different story.  It is the kind of thing that totally gets under my skin and with good reason too.  In my audio business you can really only make a good living when you don’t do the same work twice because technology can make you nuts.  When you leave a job you leave the job and that is it unless you need to meet with them to go over operation.  Other than that you would dread going back to the job and have that very same feeling while dealing with this Glacier Bay faucet.  Again recount this just before getting to the house.  Then recount the same story to my Mother and my Grandfather agrees again about this Turkish guy just as he did before.

Am quiet while installing the new faucet until the finished job is ready for use, Yeah!.  Once the work was completed washed my hands of course with the new faucet and then walk into the living room and talk about that Turkish guy one more time.  This time my Grandfather flips out and starts to curse out of his mouth non stop.  Was totally shocked by his behavior and it was as if he became a maniac.  He could not restrain himself in any way his tongue was just going non stop until he got it all out.  He was cursing at me though that is what was odd at the time.  Didn’t understand why he would curse at me then.  While he was still yelling it came to me “he was the Turkish guy”!

My Grandfather was notoriously cheap and then his behavior made sense.  Still didn’t understand why he would curse at me.  That didn’t come until a year or so later.  When he went to the Home Depot he was the one that pointed to the cheapest of the cheap kitchen faucets.  Imagine the Turkish guy pointed out maybe to get a better one but my Grandfather’s stubbornness was at the time unchecked by reason since the Turkish guy is working for my Grandfather.  What could he say?  This probably happened before had started my website so it might have been in 2010.  Say that because didn’t fully understand at the time what had witnessed.

Now that we have the story let us look at what really happened.  Clearly my Grandfather knew he bought the cheapest of the cheap and to divert the blame of the poor decision he brought the innocent Turkish guy into the mix.  He lied about the Turkish guy.  Not only did he lie but he kept on lying the same lie.  When my Grandfather told me the story had no reason to doubt him.  While believing him there was evident anger within my Spirit and had to keep on bringing that up again and again.  Had felt my anger was because of my disdain for doing the same job over when there is incompetence.  However now since all the consciousness about The Spirit and how The Spirit knows the truth and communicates with us all the time.  We are just not aware of this and make decisions based on incomplete information.  Each time my Grandfather confirmed the lie again and again after my asking was really my Spirit unbeknownst to me “Chasing The Lie” of my Grandfather.  Finally after a day of lying about that faucet he just couldn’t lie one more time.  Now his Spirit forced him to speak!  He now could not restrain his Spirit from speaking however he could not speak the truth about his involvement.  So he had to release this energy in a different way.  He had to blame me for believing the lie!  By cursing at me he blamed me for believing his lie.  By yelling at me and accusing me of believing his lie he was diverting responsibility about his lie!  See how psychopathy plays out in circumstances?  Now for a little more on this without getting into a long story about my Grandfather and how he handles himself let us just use a blanket statement here.  A psychopath will always lie!  Everything they say is a lie.  The way you catch a psychopath is you don’t believe them and force them to lie again and again.    They create a bond with you every time you believe their lie.  Once they say a lie and you believe it they are feeding off your energy.  If you keep stating the question again and again in the purity of the moment like you read above then the lie starts to get conviction from The Sprit within them.  Gradually forcing an upward force The Spirit eventually makes keeping the lie unbearable and without any reservation they explode.  Keep in mind my Grandfather is 100 years old at the time.  So he does not have the ability to conceal the lie as good as when he was younger.  Eventually their Spirit will force them to act in a way that will give you a clear and undeniable omission to a truth.  Not actually what they are saying but a clear indication that there is something foul in the air.  Remember my Grandfather had to blame me for believing the lie.  Keep in mind psychopath behavior needs time away from people to settle their spirit.  They know they lied to a certain individual and they need to get away from that individual so in a sense to keep their spirit from convicting them of the truth.  Because of my innocent yet relentless rehashing of the “dumb Turkish guy” while he was forced to be with me for the entire duration he could not hide.  Also note when had said “the dumb Turkish guy” or other comments like that my Grandfather was mad at me because in a sense that was directed at him yet he could not defend his decision because that would expose the lie.  What a magnificent situation he lied and then put himself in a situation where he was being judged “dumb” for a decision that he actually made.  Perfect judgment upon someone.  They receive the truth yet are powerless to answer.

If you are feeling sorry for my Grandfather being a 100 years old and experiencing all this don’t.  Because some times people that live to be 100 years old had to feed off others literally sucking their life to maintain their will.

Let me say this part one more time because it is infinitely important in exposing psychopathy.  Put the person in a situation that after they lie they have to keep lying and say things that would put them in a position that they are receiving judgment yet are powerless to defend themselves.  For this to work you need to in a sense follow through is if you believe what they are saying because if you overtly deny what they are saying they will be able to keep their composure and find a way to blame you.  Am not saying for you to lie because you don’t know exactly where their lie ends and the truth begins or vice versa.  You have to continue in this until you realize what the lie is exactly.  This might be a bit confusing however these people are predators looking to steal your truth.  The only way to help them is to force them to feed off themselves.  To expose them is actually part of the healing process.  It is the innocence of the believer coupled with Chasing The Lie that forces their spirit to come clean.  You keep this up and they will crack.  Let me give you an another example that am 100% sure would work.  Have not done this yet but have done many similar scenarios that use the very same energy.  Let me know if your story that will most likely come to mind upon reading this and understanding how strange behavior is not all that strange when you understand The Spirit of the matter:

A few months ago someone poisoned the stray kittens that were coming around my parent’s house.  Both my parents were devastated when they would see the kittens die one by one some even in my Father’s hands.  Got me upset and was going to go to my parent’s house with a few printed fliers that read something like “If you poisoned these kittens we will find you” and put them up around the area.  That and also knock on everyone’s door in the nearby houses with fliers in hand.  Here is where we flush out the kitten killer.  Would knock on the door of the neighbors and ask them if they knew about the kittens that were poisoned.

Imagine am at the house of the kitten killer now.  Asking him or her (could be a woman but let us say he for ease of reading) if he knew about the poisoned kittens.  Clearly he would see my presence and would lie not to expose himself.  That is what am banking on him doing of course he would lie.  Who would want to get into a confrontation with me?  Am an ominous looking guy wearing my motorcycle jacket filled with emotions.  Forget about my presence he is a coward because he just poisoned the defenseless kittens, without a doubt psychopathic behavior.  Because am at his door this guy would be off guard and even if he was a tough guy and claimed responsibility for the murderous act he would have to consider possible bodily harm in the instant we are talking.  You might think how could someone think about this so quickly?  Welcome to the world of the psychopath that does think that quickly to evade harm and exposure.  Our goal is to flush him out or have him feel the coward energy deep within his bones so he knows who he is.  He can’t hide from himself and if we don’t flush him out he has that to deal with.  He could have called the ASPCA and he probably knew it was my parents who were feeding the kittens.  Who knows what the reasons were?  Actually don’t care!

Therefore we know the person would lie, now is when the fun starts.  Note he just lied about not knowing about the kittens being poisoned.  This now would begin the psychopathy enabling connection if we believe him we are enabling his lie.  Now we start to talk with him about this third person who must really be a coward to kill these defenseless kittens.  What human garbage would do such a thing?  He will be forced to agree with you speaking about this third person when in reality it is him and in a sense executing judgment upon himself.  Just keep engaging in the same way and get him to keep agreeing with you.  This is where they can’t divert from the truth because if they divert in the slightest way they expose themselves.  This is the “Psychopath Paradox” the lie is the truth and they can’t escape themselves.  A psychopath attempts to escape themselves.  Just put them in a position that they are forced to keep swallowing their reflection of lies.  By now this person wants to smash my head because my energy will keep the same focus on believing he didn’t do it therefore whoever did is a monster and this and that and all the time he would be agreeing to his own demise.  This is when you need to observe their behavior for a crack in their armor of lies.  This is when the psychopath is most vulnerable because of this paradox within them.  A lying and true statement fighting it out within them.  Just keep saying things like this kitten murdering coward what a miserable piece of garbage.  Then listen carefully maybe he will defend the actions of the kitten murderer by saying something like:  “Those were stray kittens they really shouldn’t have fed them” or “maybe the kittens just ate something they shouldn’t have?”.  When the psychopath can’t fight their spirit any longer they will say or do things that is a half truth or get you to believe the reasoning of the behavior by justifying this third person to placate their spirit.  This is to enable you to agree with them and in so doing give you another lie to believe and empower them some more to have more peace within themselves while they are holding their tongue back.  If they get you to believe the lie then they are not lying and put you into their judgment.  Look at my story about Ahab and the Ramoth-Gilead battle a very clear interpretation of this how Jehoshaphat believed Ahab had his interest at heart when they swapped their royal attire.  Now let us say that you didn’t expose the kitten murderer and he or she successfully negotiated their way away from judgment.  What you are not aware of is that now this psychopath has to live with this exchange and it will impact them.  My friends always hear me say if you are ever dealing with a psychopath and want to be happy it is easy.  Just always have your boot against their neck and never take your boot off their neck.  Once you remove your boot from their neck they will destroy you.  What a way to live however if this is a family member then you must consider everything they say is a lie.

You might ask why or how does this happen?  This is even easier to understand when you understand the energy of Psychopathy.  The Psychopath needs you believe their lie.  When you believe their lie they are feeding off of you establishing a head torso relationship outside of their own body.  By believing their lie you become the enabler (torso) of their lie sacrificing your truth (head) to believe their lie.  Their head needs to feed to live away from their own torso.  When you are forcing them to lie again and again they need more food from you every time they lie.  One lie repeated coupled with a truth based upon their lie they can’t defend against without EXPOSING THEMSELVES forces them to feed upon themselves which they don’t do.  Since they are feeding upon their own torso on this part of the exchange The Spirit gives them judgment upon themselves.  It is that truth they can’t defend against that forces them to eat of their own self and then wham an emotional upheaval.  This emotional upheaval is a very murky smoke screen to give them time to reconcile themselves while throwing you off their trail.  This might give them time to escape all together.  This has happened with people you have dealt with and couldn’t understand why this person behaved in this manner.  Read this again and again until this sets in.  You might find a truth of an exchange that had left you puzzled for a long time.

Does this always work all the time?

Sadly not…  However when you are on the trail of Chasing The Lie something happens you become more adept in their processes.  You see the psychopath is always evolving and learning from the past how to mimmic human emotions to feed better on their prey.  However when you understand this posting clearly an amazing thing happens.  You start to see them in a different light.  You start to head them off before they grip you in their web of lies (first of two good puns if you ask me, the second pun is even better).  If you don’t catch them immediately what will happen is they become unconsciously aware their falsehood is in danger of being exposed.  The more you interact with this person the more they can’t hide.  They might even part company from you to maintain their lie.  The Bible is so accurate in this understanding of what happens:

John 8:44 “44 ‘Ye are of a father–the devil, and the desires of your father ye will to do; he was a man-slayer from the beginning, and in the truth he hath not stood, because there is no truth in him; when one may speak the falsehood, of his own he speaketh, because he is a liar–also his father.” 

A chronic enabler won’t see this!  The enabler is just a headless psychopath looking to feed the liar, literally giving life to the devil.  This verse below is an old testament verse just before Jehovah God states that Jesus was valued thirty silverings.  That is what Judas valued Jesus for when he was betrayed.  So when you read that this is connected to the evil of the devil.  BETTER BELIEVE IT!

Zechariah 11:9 “9 And I say, ‘I do not feed you, the dying, let die; and the cut off, let be cut off; and the remaining ones, let each eat the flesh of its neighbour.’”

In contrast the enabler is similar yet different.  Instead of telling lies that you believe so they can feed on your torso the enabler will do things for you out of love (fake) from their heart (fake) and make you their head.   Be warned that is not love or heart at all that is WILL the enabler is giving you.  Imagine this person as if you draw a big heart with two angry muscular arms reaching for a head (your head).  Literally ripping your head off your body and placing it on their body.  This is their energy.  A psychopath is a lot easier to expose than an enabler.  Every psychopath is like a match every enabler is like a limitless supply of fuel.  When the enabler comes to the rescue of the psychopath we have a match made in hell!  Every enabler is a psychopath and every psychopath is an enabler!

To be continued