My Sexy Big TOE (Truth of Everything)


We are going to be very surprised at the awesome information being revealed before your eyes.  This was a tremendously humbling experience to write this book.  In my arrogance felt this would take me only a year to write however that has not been the case.  Now two years into this and where to stop keeps plaguing me.  This information did not come about because we have greater cognitive abilities than anyone else or that we have been trained by some organized educational body but rather by revelation pure and simple by The Spirit through the written word we find in the Young’s Literal Translation of The Bible.  What we will read can demonstrate how the much desired cognitive abilities amount to little in the grand scheme of things.  Consciousness is not an endeavor of the mind but a wonder and amazement of the awesome power of God to reveal.  Rest assured the scientist will tremble when staring at the undeniable evidence of design and purpose which has been kept in secret until the appointed time.  We are going to be quoting from the Young’s Literal Translation of The Bible.


First and foremost thank you God for sending your Son to dwell in us for your good pleasure.

This book is dedicated to everyone that has been transformed into The Everlasting Kingdom.

Genesis 1:26-28 “26 And God saith, ‘Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness, and let them rule over fish of the sea, and over fowl of the heavens, and over cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that is creeping on the earth.’ 27 And God prepareth the man in His image; in the image of God He prepared him, a male and a female He prepared them. 28 And God blesseth them, and God saith to them, ‘Be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it, and rule over fish of the sea, and over fowl of the heavens, and over every living thing that is creeping upon the earth.’”

We start of with a verse in the very first chapter of The Bible.  This is the beginning of man and mind you man completed is with a woman.  You can’t be a completed man without a woman easily seen from the beginning.

This begs the question how does the Truth of Everything tie into Genesis 1:26-28?  We ask that because that is where we will begin our evidence for The Truth of Everything.

Sexy Big TOE (Truth of Everything)

Below is a link to a short YouTube video that gives a great visual introduction to The Truth of Everything:

Consider the chart below and you will find a connection that is UNDENIABLE.  The left column are all similar whereas the right column are all similar when you go from one column to the other you can see how they are intimately related.  These are observable however not all of these are in the present form or in their purest form.  An example would be the overwhelming resistance women give to the man working and bringing home the food with women working more these days those roles have reversed.  This reversing of roles is also paralleled by our society and life as a whole moving towards the feminine energy.

When you look at both columns you have to also understand that there is a middle point where what is on the left is unified to what is on the right.  Just as the head needs a torso, the man needs the woman and vice versa.  With that being said we can see that God illustrates that both the man and the woman must be unified to have a good space/time relationship.  You will also find it interesting that the scientists turn their back on The Spirit of God and therefore they only see Relativity and Quantum as two separate realms of understanding that can’t be unified.  This same understanding permeates everything that is why this truly is The Truth of Everything.  Just as The United States has two main political parties Republican (right hand) and Democratic (left hand).  Because there is no center it is like a pendulum that appears to the extreme right and then appears to the extreme left .  No balance!

Woman Takes the last name of the husband.  Stays home with childrenCooks food feeds Man and WomanDuring sex wants the lights off not to be distracted from the feelingLike things to enhance the home which is stationaryNegative aspects are hidden within not easily observed similar to the vaginaUse their body to get a willWants glory from the man’s head Man Last name is the name of the Father.  Leaves the home to go workBrings home FoodDuring sex likes lights on, wants to see the womanLikes cars & motorcycles and anything for mobilityNegative aspects are seen easier when observed similar to the penisUse their will to get a bodyWants glory from the heads of others
Torso Feeds the body and head with the food that enters the head, provides the energy to move the body
Head Brings food into the body and enjoys the eating experience, moves the body
Egg (Stationary)Located INSIDE the Torso of the womanEvolution takes place in the womb of the woman invisible Sperm (Moves)Located outside the Torso of the ManBaby is born into visible world
Unconscious Spirit ruling Conscious Mind ruling
Heart/Feelings/Emotions/Spirit Mind/Will/Reason
Niels Bohr/Quantum Champion of Quantum PhysicsHardly knownCould not understand himDealt with the UNSEENConfused energyMeasuring or observing changes outcome Albert Einstein/Relativity Champion of RelativityWas famousWas a good communicatorDealt with the SEENOrganized energyMeasuring does not change outcomeObserved the properties of Light being a wave and a particle that gave Quantum their beginning
AsleepMove through time AwakeMove through space
New Age/BuddhistSeeks to find peace withinGod in everything no person of God everything universe Judaic/Christianity/MuslimSeeksGod through reading Holy BooksMan thinks he is God
Invisible Visible
Discernment with emotions/feelings Discernment with 5 senses
Left hand Right hand
The Collective The One
Be Do
Confusion Precise
Night Day
New TestamentGreekWritten from right to left Old TestamentHebrew/AramaicWritten from left to right
More Emotional Less Emotional
Less Judgmental More Judgmental
Want to feel God Want to see God
United States currently imports from China EAST United States use to import from Europe WEST
No Name Name
Enabling of the enabler in distortion Judgment of the Psychopath in distortion
Roots of a tree never see the day or night.  Supports the tree that is above ground. Tree above ground experiences the 4 seasons the day the night, foliage and loss of leaves
99% Protesting the entire structure of corruption of the 1%Peaceful protestExpose the lies of the 1% 1% Proclaims “Rule of Law” however bends the laws for their benefit.Violence to subdue protestFull of lies

Proof of God

Where does the scientist’s distortion come from?  Why are they so adamant in their wanting to see proof of God?

God will not give them the proof they desire as to be able to make a decision about God based on facts unless God had given them up to the judgment.  Where is the evidence they ask.  What is their judgment?

What is hell for the head?

The head is where we see and hear and make decisions on a regular basis.  The head also makes decisions that we are not consciously making such as our heart beating and breathing etc…  What if those decisions we regularly make have a greater pattern that the decision maker is not aware of?  What if in their words they also condemn themselves?   This very aspect of God’s righteousness and power being manifested at this time.

One of my favorites is when the scientists say “The Big Bang Theory” or “The Theory of Nothing”.  Suppose the head is alienated from the spiritual body of God.  How would that head comprehend the world?  The head starts out with NOTHING.  A baby born has nothing in it’s head, literally starting from nothing.  Where did that baby come from?  Baby comes out from the body of the mother and was conceived by the Father.  In slang the term “bang” has to do with procreation or sex.  God allows the scientists to say the following phrase.  “there was nothing then there was a big bang that made something from nothing”.  Interestingly when you use the word “bang” that gives off an absence of love.  The love would be in the heart and without that the “bang” could be just reproducing the head alienated once again from the spiritual body and heart.

The wisdom of man and the scientists represents the inability to see they have dung smeared upon their faces.

Malachi 2:3 “3 Lo, I am pushing away before you the seed, And have scattered dung before your faces, Dung of your festivals, And it hath taken you away with it.”

The Bible has many examples of people doing things without knowing what they are doing.

The scientists have given themselves the endeavor of being a priest.  A priest of the hidden knowledge found in Quantum Physics and other branches of science.  We can see this in how they are trying to establish morality of science and doing away with God forcing their agenda.  They look at everything through reason and experimentation.

In their reasonings you will also note they are always adding a lot of time to their theories.  Time is the magic solve all for their religion.  Man came from nothing just add enough time and that is plausible.  Yes their religion just as if they were praying to God.  Their God is the God of doing the works of the law.  Their language is law and formulas.  Law of the physical science, the boundaries that the laws of physics encompasses.  The law is also something that is understood in the mind and more than being understood but to the scientist that is God.  This is as if the scientist is the fish in the fishbowl saying that the glass is God.  If you don’t breath for 20 minutes you will be dead.  Clear and to the point.

This is very interesting since they dwell in the law and say there is no God because their laws have no way of seeing God.  In reality the alienated head can only see the law.  What did Jesus say about lawyers?  What does The Bible say about the law?

1 Timothy 1:5-8 “5 And the end of the charge is love out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned, 6 from which certain, having swerved, did turn aside to vain discourse, 7 willing to be teachers of law, not understanding either the things they say, nor concerning what they asseverate, 8 and we have known that the law is good, if any one may use it lawfully;”

The verses above readily explains the position of the scientist (priest).  Love when the scientist talks about how the universe became “something from nothing”.  This is a religion to believe that out of nothing something can come.  The Christian would read The Bible but the scientist reads the creation.

To be continued